Worst Washrooms

What’s the Worst Washroom You’ve Ever Seen?

Have you ever been in a washroom so horrible that it defied description? Well, no need to describe it—just send us a picture!

Mechanical Business is collecting photos of some of the worst washrooms from around the world. So next time you run into an unsightly bathroom while you’re on vacation, on the jobsite or out on the town, grab your smartphone and take a picture. Your snapshot could end up in the pages of Mechanical Business! (Just be careful not to drop your camera on the washroom floor…)

Email your photos to adam.freill@mechanicalbusiness.com and you could end up in the next issue of Mechanical Business!


This Las Vegas washroom has no toilets or urinals—just a bathtub that functions as both! But hey, it’s a perfect fit for the space.


No toilet seat? No problem. No way of accessing the toilet tank? No problem. No barricade between the toilet and the urinal? No problem. There’s just enough room for two in this Vancouver loo.


This photo was submitted by Bob Pryor of Bardon Supplies, along with the tagline "When you just have to have a corner toilet!" We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Bob!


Gail Backman of Cobourg, Ont., sent us this photo of a bathroom in an Orlando motel. A tight squeeze, if you please. But hey, it’s just enough room to get in and out, and that’s all that matters.


This Japanese washroom is so small, the sink is part of the toilet. The tap runs for a few seconds every time the toilet is flushed!


This photo of a rusted-out sink and toilet was submitted by Doug Enns of Whiteshell Plumbing in Manitoba. Remember, folks—iron filters are your friends!


This photo of a beachside toilet in Cuba was submitted by Benjamignan Garabet of Hydro-Quebec. What’s a plumber to do when they don’t have an open-front toilet seat?