ProLine XE Heat Pump Residential Water Heater

A. O. Smith/AO Smith

Looking to meet net-zero targets? Check out our super energy efficient, ProLine XE Heat Pump residential water heaters. 3x more efficient than traditional water heaters, consumers can save on energy, get hot water at the lowest possible cost, and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Two in One Configuration


The Total 1 is a two-in-one offset and direct bath waste configuration in one kit, available in either ABS and PVC models, with multiple kit types and closure mechanisms. The unit makes it easier for contractors who now no longer need to carry both offset and direct drain bath waste kits, while reducing inventory costs for wholesalers.

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IntelliStation Jr. Intelligent Connected Digital Mixing


Help ensure water safety with IntelliStation Jr. – the smart digital mixing valve that monitors your facility’s water, records data, and helps you mitigate waterborne pathogens with high temp sanitization mode. Pair it with your OnSite mobile and web app to view and control your hot water from anywhere.

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Infiniti GS and GR Tankless Water Heaters

Bradford White

The Infiniti GS and Infiniti GR tankless water heaters offer the efficiency, performance and cutting-edge features you and your customers expect. They feature a robust stainless steel heat exchanger, 11:1 turndown and a high GPM output of 5.1 GPM at a 77°F rise.

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AQUV by Aqua Flo

Canature WaterGroup

Introducing AQUV by Aqua Flo. Ultraviolet disinfection systems for the professional channel that are proven to control microbiological (bacteria & virus) issues in water. Available in 8 gpm, 12 gpm and 20 gpm. Certified by IAPMO R&T against NSF/ANSI/CAN 61, 372 and CSA B483.1 for material safety, structural integrity and lead-free requirement.

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American Standard Ultima Diaphragm Flush Valve

American Standard's Ultima Diaphragm Flush Valve delivers superior performance and reliability with DynaClean self-cleaning technology and chlorine-resistant EvoLast material. It prevents clogs, valve run-on, and water waste. Suitable for areas with poor water quality and high chlorination. Find it at your local Desco today!

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Introducing the Cardinal

Triangle Tube is proud to introduce its latest product innovation, the Cardinal. This stainless steel indirect water heater is available in several sizes ranging from 30 to 120 gallons, providing ample hot water. Additional features include a stainless steel coil tank, 1" boiler connections and top DHW connections.

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WEC Tankless Electric Water Filtration System

Navien’s WEC Tankless Electric Water Filtration System is an eco-friendly solution to greatly reducing total dissolved solids (TDS), hardness, heavy metals, and other harmful contaminants from your water without the use of salt or harmful chemicals. WEC operates at up to 10 GPM and has no downtime for regeneration.

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Come See the New SharkBite Max


The premier push-to-connect fitting just got better. SharkBite Max fittings build on the brand's trusted push-to-connect technology with key improvements for stronger and faster connections. Its new patented technology provides double the burst pressure and half the insertion effort. (Comparison relates to 1st generation SharkBite push-to-connect products.)

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A Complete Line of Water Heaters

Giant manufactures residential and commercial – electric, gas and oil-fired water heaters using the best raw materials available in Canada. We manufacture most of our components and are the only manufacturer operating in the country. Come browse our competitive products that meet your daily hot water needs!

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Metering Faucet with Copper Defense technology

Delta Commercial

Single-hole metering faucet with handle featuring Copper Defense technology made with CuVerro Shield copper alloy, exhibiting impressive antibacterial properties. Laboratory testing has shown that when cleaned regularly, this surface reduces bacteria contamination, achieving 99.9% reduction within 2 hours of exposure while delivering continuous and ongoing antibacterial action.

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PPP Your OEM Partner For Manifolds

PPP/Precision Plumbing Products

PPP, manufacturing since 1964, offers a multitude of fitting choices and custom sizes with fast delivery. ISO certified, 100% pressure tested, and made of type L copper with machined brass for added strength & security. Special orders include 1" & 2" header and 1/2" & 3/4" drop options up to 72".

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Sanicom 2 – High-Temp Duplex Commercial Drain Pump


The Duplex 2 HP Commercial Drain Pump is made from HDPE and can handle high-acidic water up to 194ºF/90ºC. It efficiently processes large volumes of high-temperature water, grease, or chemicals and can discharge gray water up to 32 ft. vertically/390 ft. horizontally. The pump is designed for minimal maintenance and features smart-pump technology that allows both pumps to work simultaneously.

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TrueBlue Bath Waste Contractor Kits


TrueBlue Bath Waste Contractor Kits are innovative, flexible and designed with the plumber in mind. The overflow fitting and lock nut tighten by hand, and features a new Low Profile Dome stopper. Trim kits are available in chrome, brushed nickel and matte black, with additional finishes coming soon. Kits include angle adaptor and sanitary tee.

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ACO Stainless Steel Floor Drain

Square or round point drains that provide long lasting drainage. A variety of grates, sizes and outlet diameters are available to suit various applications and flow requirements. ACO floor drains have various benefits, such as: resistance to corrosion and cleaning agents; easy cleaning for strict hygiene conditions; a modern appearance; and cost effectiveness.

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Victaulic QuickVic System

Victaulic Style 107V rigid couplings are designed for high-performance impact guns. Features pre-lubricated gaskets, a torque absorber to prevent over-torquing, and shift-limiting slant pads to provide rigidity. One touch tightening and visual verification ensure easy installation. QuickVic Fittings include our most efficient compact, lighter design with outstanding value.

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SD 4000 Husky Couplings


The super-duty stainless steel coupling for joining no-hub cast iron soil pipe and fittings has extra width for lateral support, additional sealing clamps for optimal load distribution and a secure seal. The coupling boasts 304 stainless steel, heavy-duty construction with an orange shield coating. Meeting ASTM C-1540 for shielded couplings.

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High Efficient Electric Hot Water Tank

Eco-King’s High Efficient Electric Hot Water Tanks are made with select raw materials, manufactured in accordance with international quality and environmental standards, and offer your best choice for energy efficient hot water comfort. They come with a single electric heating element, NANOPUR™ insulation, are ready for alternative energy sources and quick to install.

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Woodford Model 19 Anti-Burst Faucet

The Woodford Model 19 freezeless, anti-burst residential wall faucet prevents burst pipes — even if the hose is attached in freezing temperatures. It features a patented Pressure Relief Valve that prevents pressure build-up and burst tubes. It is easily identified by its oval, ergonomic handle.

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Watco Innovator Testable Shower Drain

Watco’s Innovator Shower Drain is a receptor-type drain for pre-formed shower bases. It features the Innovator orange test membrane, testable to 22 P.S.I., which eliminates the need for test balls, caps or plugs. It includes a heavy-duty, snap-on grid strainer that is 20% thicker than competitive grids.    

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Vitocrossal 200 CI2


Vitocrossal 200 CI2 is a floor standing gas condensing boiler with modulating MatriX cylinder burner and stainless steel Inox-Crossal heat exchanger. It is the most advanced floor standing boiler with a small footprint and high mass water volume. Rated Input: 399 - 2000 MBH.

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System M Air-to-Water Heat Pump


System M is a radically innovative air-to-water heat pump system that provides comfortable, efficient heating, cooling, and plenty of domestic hot water to homeowners without the use of fossil fuels — so it doesn’t create CO2. This complete, packaged system is simple to install, simple to operate, and is a simply unique solution for low-carbon heating and cooling.

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Engineered For Maximum Efficiency Z-Vent, Special Gas Vent for Boilers, Water Heaters and Furnace


Z-Vent Double Wall Gas Vent with ZV-Clamp increases joint strength and reduces installation time. Internal double fail safe FKM gasket provides vent gas seal at inner pipe and allows thermal expansion during heat/cool cycles. Fast, trouble-free field assembly of large diameter sections. Assembled on the ground prior to installation ensures fully engaged joint.

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TFTN Residential & Light Commercial Boilers

NTI’s TFTN Boiler features onboard WiFi capability to provide 24/7 functionality and diagnostics; 7” colour touchscreen; built-in 3-zone control, valves or pumps; and the EZ SetUp Wizard, a robust and intuitive control. Available in sizes 85, 110, 150, 199 MBH. Larger sizes (285 to 850 MBH) available in early 2023.

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RadonX Soil Gas Venting


The RadonX Soil Gas Venting System from IPEX is Canada’s first engineered PVC radon gas piping system. The product line consists of perforated gas collector and venting pipes, fittings, accessories and solvent cements. Working together as an engineered system, RadonX safely collects and vents soil gas before it enters the home.

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HVAC/R Press Fittings – Save Time!

Rapid Locking System

Get reliable flame-free connections in seconds with RLS – the original HVAC/R press fittings. Our proven track record of 8+ years is unmatched in the industry, thanks to our patented, double circular press that creates a permanent mechanical joint every time. CRN registered and UL listed for pressures up to 700 psi.

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XLTH Multi-Position Air Handler System

Master Group

Fujitsu's Airstage multi-position air handler units combine inverter heat pump technology with revolutionary side discharge outdoor units and a modular indoor unit design. Available from 24,000 to 48,000 BTU/H, they feature all-aluminum indoor coils, high static pressure capability, low indoor sound levels, and adaptive fan motor control for optimal comfort.

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Gas Monitors

Belimo’s commercial grade gas monitoring devices are factory calibrated and can measure two different gases simultaneously. With CAN bus communication for daisy-chain installation of up to 32 devices, and can be assigned to sites for ventilation zoning on the same network. Select models offer BACnet MS/TP for system integration and BMS control.

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Wilo Stratos MAXO

Wilo-Stratos MAXO. Tomorrow’s technology for today’s systems. With optimized and innovative energy-saving features, the Wilo-Stratos MAXO sets new standards for commercial HVAC and drinking water applications in terms of energy efficiency. Its outstanding user-friendliness makes operating the pump easier than ever before.

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KeepRite Performance 14 Central Air Conditioner – N4A4S


Stay cool during the warm months with our budget-friendly central air conditioner, featuring a single-stage compressor. It offers reliable and efficient cooling comfort, with quiet performance (as low as 73 decibels) and durably built to withstand harsh weather, debris and corrosion. Additionally, it comes with a 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty.

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HE-Z Series Zoning Package

The Hi-Velocity HE-Z Series can be optioned with two, three or four zones, factory installed in each unit. These air handlers come with pre-installed zone panel, power open/close dampers and actuators built-in to the supply outlets, minimizing installation time. The pinnacle in energy efficiency, indoor air quality and climate control.

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NIBCO PressG for Gas Applications

NIBCO PressG fittings are the only CSA certified press fittings available commercially for use in copper tube systems for gas applications. Our PressG fittings are made of wrot copper and consist of ½" through 2" fittings including male and female threaded adapters, caps, couplings, reducing couplings, elbows, tees, and unions.

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Hisense Hi-MULTI XTREME Heat Pump

Cool Estate

Standard Features include: SEER2 up to 22, HSPF2 up to 9.5, Low temperature heating (-25˚  C) and cooling (-10˚  C), a condenser base heater and are universal wall mount indoor unit capable.  Long connection pipes up to 262’ length and 50’ height.  Optional features include WiFi and remote control or wired control.

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RS-70 (R-453A) GWP only 1765

RS Cool/ Refrigerant Services

RS-70 (R-453A)  the only Drop-in R-22 replacement for high, medium and low temp applications down to -30C Evap temperature . Same flow rate, similar pressures, and energy efficiency as R-22. No oil change or system modifications required. Lowest GWP(1765) of any R-22 Drop-in replacement.

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Bevel Boss Plastic Pipe Beveler – Cordless

Pipe beveling work needs quick, consistent bevels. As operators move from pipe to pipe, choose the lightweight Bevel Boss. This cordless power method, with no gas fumes or exposed blades, is ideal. REED Bevel Boss lets operators bevel fast, bevel consistently, work safely. Ideal solution for large diameter plastic pipe.

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HVAC extended warranties made simple

Prime Warranty is a leading provider of HVAC extended service plans across Canada. We provide labour and/or parts warranties to enhance existing warranties provided by equipment manufacturers with coverage for up to 10 years on unitary HVAC systems, boilers, chillers, mini-splits, water heaters and more. Call (855) 595-6302 or visit

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KANE 458S Combustion Gas Analyzer

Now available in Canada, the KANE 458S is perfect for residential and commercial use. It has a 6-line display, high altitude compensation, and a worry-free 10,000 ppm CO sensor. Wireless capabilities and included temperature probes make it easy to measure and view supply and return temperatures. Up to a 10-year warranty with annual recertification!

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