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Retrofitting buildings for a sustainable future

As the effects of climate change continue to accelerate, so do efforts within the built environment to invest in and adopt smart solutions that deliver efficiency and sustainability benefits. From IoT-enabled intelligent monitoring systems that offer real-time equipment and asset health…

FYI, you need to work on your DEI

People managers and business owners know it is not enough to just schedule staff and invoice customers. You are also expected to be the company expert on every legal obligation and people issue that comes with doing business in Canada.

A methodical approach to diagnosing pumping problems

Commercial pump issues are often system issues 80 to 90 per cent of the time in my experience. That’s not to say that the pump is never the cause of the problem, it’s just easy to point to the pump before verifying the system meets the design for which the pump was selected.

The case of the cold steam radiator

While talking with the maintenance director about purchasing boilers, he asked if I could meet one of his technicians at a nearby elementary school. The building had a low-pressure steam heating system and no heat in one classroom.

HPWH Installation Best Practices

Installing a heat pump water heater (HPWH) is essentially the same as installing an electric resistance water heater, so additional trades are not always needed on site. The installer flow chart in the November/December 2022 issue of Mechanical Business (p44,…

The power of digital integration

By Heather Wilkinson In response to the urgent global need to meet climate targets, there is a clear emphasis  on reducing energy demand, with industries actively pursuing reductions. However, the refrigeration sector has not fully recognized the potential for substantial energy benefits. It is…

Why should technicians wear uniforms?

When technicians wear uniforms there are benefits for the company, customers, and the tech. A uniform instills customer confidence, boosts team morale among technicians, and leads to higher profitability for your company.

Mitigating workplace hazards

As a result of a wide variety of job specifications, it is not always easy to narrow down the hazards faced by those working in the mechanical industry. Distinguishing between hazards in office environments and on job sites is one way of classifying risks.