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Working with R400-Series Refrigerants

Approximately 30 years ago, several refrigerants emerged as alternatives for chlorine-containing CFCs. Just a few examples of some of these alternatives are R401A, R401B, R402A, R402B, etc. The majority of these refrigerants were in the R400-series category and are also referred to as zeotropic…

Driving distraction away

Driving without awareness used to be called “highway hypnosis” or “white line fever” for the way people zone out or forget long stretches of a trip as if...

A potentially unhealthy mix

Hydronic radiant heating is a comfortable and efficient technology for a range of buildings, from residential applications to large commercial and industrial facilities. In most projects, it is possible to meet the heat...

Add videos to your marketing strategy

Humans have always been visual creatures. Our earliest communication was with pictures, long before we learned language and writing emerged to be the predominant form of communication for 5,000 years.