Air-based drain cleaner

The Kinetic Water Ram from General Pipe Cleaners uses compressed air to clean clogged lines. It generates a shock wave that pulverizes stoppages in 1-1/4” to 4” lines. The built-in pump and pressure gauge allow operators to select the amount of force for each job. A toilet attachment is available.

Commercial gas water heaters

The eF 120 series of commercial gas water heaters from Bradford White Canada incorporate building management and modulation technologies for remote monitoring capability. Capacity is 119 gallons, with thermal efficiency ratings of 96.5% for the 400 3N, and 95% for the 500 3N models.

Sensor faucets

EZ Gear Sensor Faucets from Zurn feature a ceramic disc cartridge and are ADA compliant. The AC-powered faucets are chrome plated and include an infrared convergencetype proximity sensor for occupant detection and a 30-second time-out feature. The faucets have flow control options ranging from 0.35 gpm to 1.5 gpm.

Outdoor faucet system

The Aquor House Hydrant V1+ is a lowprofile water outlet available in sizes ranging  from 2” to 12”. The unit has a flow rate of 6.8 gpm at 52 psi, an operating water pressure of 25 to 125 psi, and an operating temperature range of 33°F to 140°F. It features a marine-grade stainless steel valve.

Drain Cover

The Universal NuFit Bathtub Drain Cover from Watco is built to fit over old tub drains. There is no need to remove the strainer body. The cover is designed to use a Watco pin or silicone. It is available in a choice of nine finishes.

Water jet

The JM-1450 Jet-Set water jet from General Pipe Cleaners is powered by a 1.5 hp (13 amp) sealed motor with GFCI that drives a 1,500 psi, 1.7 gpm triplex pump. The unit is equipped with technology that helps propel hoses down long runs and around tight bends. Safety features include a thermal relief valve and a backflow check valve and…

Tankless water heater

Navien’s NPE-2 series condensing tankless water heater features a turndown ratio up to 15:1 and uses 2” PVC venting. The water heater offers efficiencies up to 0.97 UEF and includes a dual stainless steel heat exchanger, 1/2” gas pipe capability, as well as cascade and common vent options. The unit is also offered with a recirculation…

Outdoor faucets

The Aquor House Hydrant from OS&B is a leakproof stainless steel outdoor faucet designed for the homebuilding market. When the house hydrant is disconnected, the outlet automatically seals, drains and winterizes to eliminate concerns about freezing pipes near outdoor water access points.

Tankless water heater

Available in four sizes ranging from 625,000 to 1.35 million BTUH, AERCO’s Innovation tankless water heaters feature the Edge Controller and a proprietary AERguard stainless steel helical firetube heat exchanger assembly that is designed to provide scale and corrosion resistance. The controller is engineered to match load requirements and…

Outdoor anti-burst faucet 

Woodford’s Model 19 freezeless, anti-burst residential wall faucet is designed to prevent burst pipes even if the hose is attached. It features a pressure relief valve that protects pipes from pressure build up to 125 psi. It has a 3/4” male hose thread nozzle, stainless steel seat and EDPM packing to prevent leaks.