Fire tube boilers

Navien introduces its upgraded NFB-H high-output condensing fire tube boilers in two sizes: NFB-175H and NFB200H. Both models include Navien’s patented stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger with a non-metallic condensate drain pan, and form-pressed combustion chamber to resist corrosion. New high-efficiency features include turndown…


Manifolds from Precision Plumbing Products are produced in an ISO 9001 Certified production facility. They are ISO 14001 Certified-green and pressure tested and are available with a range of fitting choices and in custom sizes.

Neutralizing condensate base

The Neutra-Safe NSP50 neutralizing condensate standalone base supports Little Giant VCMA series pumps. It neutralizes up to 500,000 BTU/H of input and comes with proprietary Neutra-pH media that can be replaced with the 50RCK-S recharge kit.


Navien’s NCB-H condensing combi boiler series includes five models ranging from 160,000 BTU/H for DHW and 60,000 BTU/H for heating to 210,000 BTU/H DHW and 150,000 BTU/H heating. The series uses dual stainless steel heat exchangers for heating and a separate flat panel stainless steel heat exchanger for DHW. Features include 15:1 turndown…

Wall-hung boiler

The TRX from NTI is a high-efficiency wall-hung boiler equipped with an XTRATECH stainless steel heat exchanger with large diameter tubing. Every unit comes with embedded Wi-Fi connectivity to allow communications with NTI remote connectivity tools. The integrated hydro-block includes a high efficiency ECM pump and diverter valve. It…

Fire tube boiler

EPIC fire tube and fire tube combi boilers from Lochinvar are designed for residential applications. The fire tube boiler is available in four models from 80,000 to 199,999 BTU/H, and allows for up to 100 ft. of direct venting. The fire tube combination gas boiler/space heating appliance delivers up to 4.8 gpm DHW.

Digital Pumps

The Wilo-Stratos MAXO digital, connected smart-pump series features energy-saving functions such as dynamic adapt that automatically adjusts the delivery ahead to the hydraulic demand without having to specify a setpoint. Other features include multi-flow adaptation and no-flow stop, as well as EEI of ≤0.17 to ≤0.19. The control panel,…

Foam board stapler

Malco’s FBSN PEX foam board stapler is designed for installing in-floor radiant heating. Features include a leaf spring-controlled stop that automatically adjusts to setup and guide the staples without jamming or deforming them. Magazine loading-strips of 25 staples are joined together with a discreet plastic weld to separate them cleanly…

Bypass balancing valves

TacoSetter balancing valves allow for adjusting flow rates through closed-loop hydronic heating and cooling systems. The inline balancing valves can be installed in tight spaces and continuously deliver a direct flow reading in gpm. They provide minimal pressure loss with a convenient flow rate memory stop.

NTI FTVN boiler line

The FTVN from NTI is a high efficiency, wall hung boiler for home heating applications. The system features a vertical down-fired stainless steel heat exchanger, 10:1 modulation and 96% AFU, an integrated ECM pump and DHW diverter, and WiFi connectivity for remote monitoring. It is available in three combi sizes and four heat-only…