Digital Pumps

The Wilo-Stratos MAXO digital, connected smart-pump series features energy-saving functions such as dynamic adapt that automatically adjusts the delivery ahead to the hydraulic demand without having to specify a setpoint. Other features include multi-flow adaptation and no-flow stop, as well as EEI of ≤0.17 to ≤0.19. The control panel,…

Foam board stapler

Malco’s FBSN PEX foam board stapler is designed for installing in-floor radiant heating. Features include a leaf spring-controlled stop that automatically adjusts to setup and guide the staples without jamming or deforming them. Magazine loading-strips of 25 staples are joined together with a discreet plastic weld to separate them cleanly…

Bypass balancing valves

TacoSetter balancing valves allow for adjusting flow rates through closed-loop hydronic heating and cooling systems. The inline balancing valves can be installed in tight spaces and continuously deliver a direct flow reading in gpm. They provide minimal pressure loss with a convenient flow rate memory stop.

NTI FTVN boiler line

The FTVN from NTI is a high efficiency, wall hung boiler for home heating applications. The system features a vertical down-fired stainless steel heat exchanger, 10:1 modulation and 96% AFU, an integrated ECM pump and DHW diverter, and WiFi connectivity for remote monitoring. It is available in three combi sizes and four heat-only…

Commercial condensing boiler

AERCO’s compact Benchmark Platinum 4000 and 5000N commercial condensing boilers fit a small 4000/5000 MBH footprint, measuring 78.2 in. H x 34 in. W x 63.5 in. D. Features include a durable 439 stainless steel, fire-tube heat exchanger, self-adjusting combustion to optimize O2 levels, Edge Controller and mobile app, and dual returns.…

Heat pump water heaters

Lochinvar air source heat pumps for commercial and industrial applications heat domestic water to temperatures as high as 160°F. Designed to meet decarbonisation requirements, air source heat pumps transfer atmospheric heat via a refrigeration cycle for domestic hot water use. Available in six sizes, they offer 50 to 500 gallons per hour…

Buffer tank

Flexcon’s Argosy is a pressurized composite buffer tank designed for potable and nonpotable water. Features include threaded stainless steel water connections, a continuous strand fibreglass inner tank, high R-value closed cell foam insulation, and a non-corrosive plastic outer jacket.

By-pass feeders

Hood Chemical’s VTF series of by-pass feeders available from Neptune feature wide-mouth easy close caps and hold string wound filters. Working pressure is up to 300 psi max at 200°F for a two-gallon, 11 gauge steel unit. Max pressure is 300 psi when paired with an LMO filter housing. www.

Variable speed circulators

Taco’s 0034e and 0034ePlus high-efficiency, variable speed, wet-rotor circulators are designed for large residential and light commercial hydronic heating, chilled water cooling and domestic hot water systems. They feature ECM permanent magnet technology and a dial (0034e) or digital user interface (0034ePlus). Their variable speed…

Condensing boilers

Weil-McLain Canada’s ECO Tec high efficiency condensing boiler for residential applications, delivers up to 95% efficiency in 4 heating (80, 110, 150 and 199 MBH) and 3 combi (110, 150 and 199 MBH) sizes. It can provide space heating and up to 5.4 GPM of domestic hot water at a 70°F rise and up to 10:1 turn-down, and can power and control…