Condensing unit

The Danfoss Optyma Slim condensing unit for low- and medium-temperature applications features microchannel heat exchangers and scroll compressors. The units come preequipped with a defrost timer, filter drier and sight glass. Offered in sizes ranging from 1.5 hp to 10 hp, they are available for use with R-134a, R-404a or R-448/9A.…

Refrigerant Scale

The Yellow Jacket wireless refrigerant charging scale from Ritchie Engineering has a 220 lb. capacity and Bluetooth communications capabilities. The device can be controlled and operated with any smart device using the company’s YJACK VIEW app.

Heat pumps

Goodman’s GSXC18 split system heat pumps are available with cooling capacities of 23,000 to 56,500 BTUH and heating capacities of 22,000 to 59,500 BTUH. The units offer efficiencies up to 19 SEER and 10 HSPF. Standard features include a two-stage scroll compressor; highdensity foam compressor sound blanket; and app-based…

Piping packages

Belimo Piping Packages are designed to be a streamlined method of piping HVAC terminal units. They are custom factory assemblies that include isolation for the control valve and coil, pressure/temperature test ports for balancing, manual air vents, and strainers with integral drain options. Configurations are available with ePIV and…

Ductless mini split

The NextGen Arctic ductless mini split from Haier offers efficiency ratings up to 30 SEER and 15.2 HSPF. It is available in single-zone sizes of 9,000, 12,000, and 18,000 BTUH. The units are capable of delivering 100 per cent of the rated heating capacity at outdoor temperatures of 5°F and warm air at outdoor temperatures as low as -31°F.…

High-efficiency commercial pump line

Taco Comfort Solutions has redesigned its commercial pump line to not only meet, but exceed 2020 NRCAN (DOE) efficiency standards. The Taco FI & CI Series end suction pumps and KV & KS vertical in-line pumps are designed for a variety of applications, including heating, air conditioning, pressure boosting, cooling water transfer…

Multi-split heat pump

AURORA Series multi-zone systems from Daikin are designed for multiroom applications with individual room temperature control. Up to 4 zones can be controlled with a single outdoor unit. Offering energy efficiency levels up to 21.7 SEER and 12.5 HSPF, the system is available in 1.5 to 3-ton capacities.

Digital manifold

Available through Ontor Limited, Refco’s Refmate digital manifold is built with intuitive buttons and a 4.3” colour display with an analogue pointer. The unit can be locked for long-term measurements on construction sites. Other features include superheat and subcool indicators, and wireless communication with an app. www.

Heat pump

Goodman’s GSZC18 heat pumps offer performance up to 19 SEER and 10 HSPF. They are available in 2- to 5-ton models with heating capacity of 22,000 to 59,500 BTUH. Additional features include a two-stage compressor and two-speed ECM condensing fan motor.

Wireless power clamp meters 

Fieldpiece Instruments’ SC480 and SC680 wireless power clamp meters are designed to work with the company’s Job Link system app for HVAC/R electrical testing. Units provide power readings in kW and true RMS through the clamp or leads. Molex tips are designed to obtain readings on hard-to-reach circuitry, such as mini-split boards. The…