Multiple fan array

Rosenberg’s ECFanGrid consists of several modular, backward-curved centrifugal ECM fans or plug fans arranged in a grid construction designed to provide continuous and consistent airflow in HVAC systems. Motors can handle 120 V single-phase power, 230-460 V three-phase power, and up to 600 V with a dedicated transformer for the Canadian…

Secondary drain pans

RectorSeal’s Titan Metal Series of secondary drain pans come in eight sizes and feature 24-ga. seamless, one-piece galvanized steel construction. Units have a 3/4” drain outlet on the wide and long sides, a PVC cap fitting and a drain line female fitting.

Air Handler

Available in 1.5- to 5-ton sizes, Goodman’s 21” deep AVPTC Smartframe Air Handler features an aluminum evaporator coil, a variable-speed motor with internal TXV, and 12 field-selectable airflow settings. ComfortBridge communicating technology allows for remote setup, configuration, diagnostics and troubleshooting via the…

Wireless electronic charging scale

REFCO’s OCTA-Wireless electronic charging scale, available through Ontor, can transmit measurement data to a wireless display located within a radius of 10 m. The aluminum housing and 12.6” by 1.75” platform can handle refrigerant cylinders up to 220 lb.

Refrigerant manifolds

Fieldpiece Instruments’ water resistant SMAN refrigerant manifolds are available with either three or four ports and are designed to check, evacuate and charge systems. Wireless measurements can be received by the unit from up to 350 feet away, or on a smartphone via the Job Link system app. Units are rated to a maximum pressure of 800…

Water source heat pump

Whalen’s Closetline CAS packaged water source heat pump is designed for commercial retrofit or new construction. It has a heating capacity of 7,500 to 72,000 BTUH and COP rates of up to 5.6. It can be installed in horizontal or vertical orientations and is capable of operation in a closed loop or a water well installation.…

Residential gas furnace

Napoleon’s 9600Q is designed to accommodate new construction projects by using slide-in modular heat exchangers and blowers. Available in 40,000 to 80,000 BTUH sizes, units reach 96% AFUE.

Residential gas furnace

The 9600Q gas furnace series from Napoleon is designed to accommodate new construction projects by using slide-in modular heat exchangers and blowers that allow full access for effective cleaning and maintenance. Available in 40,000 to 80,000 BTUH sizes, units reach 96% AFUE, have zero clearance on all sides, and can be installed in upflow…

Gas furnace

Allied Air’s A931E furnaces have single-stage gas valves and constant torque blower motors in 1/2, 3/4 and 1 hp sizes. Offered in the Armstrong Air and AirEase brands, furnaces are rated at 93% AFUE, have three configuration options (upflow, downflow or horizontal), can be paired with cooling equipment up to 5 tons and include an external…

Drop-in replacement

Refrigerant Services’ RS-70 (R-453A) is a drop-in replacement for high, medium and low-temperature R-22 applications down to -30C. It is non-flammable and has the same flow rate, similar pressures and energy efficiency as R-22, and is compatible with mineral, alkylbenzene and polyol ester oils. It has a GWP rating of 1,765.