Malco’s AVM6/AVM7 Right and Left AVsMini aviation snips are built with forged steel jaws and a serrated lower blade. They are designed to cut squares and tight circles on curved surfaces, and feature an overall length of 7-1/8” and a cut length of 3/4” (19 mm).

Work gloves

Milwaukee Tool’s Leather Performance Gloves offer the same design as the company’s Performance Gloves with an added leather palm for durability. The palms are made from soft, top-grain goatskin leather and the back features a breathable, lightweight design. The gloves have a moisture wicking terry cloth sweat wipe on the thumb and…

Thermal camera

The FLIR TG267 Thermal Camera allows users to identify and evaluate the hot and cold spots that can indicate potential faults with electrical connections and mechanical equipment. The company’s MSX image enhancement system embosses visual scene details to add context to thermal  images. It uses Bluetooth connectivity, can store up to…

Thermal imaging for detecting elevated body temperature

Can thermal cameras be used to detect a virus or an infection? The quick answer to this question is no, but thermal imaging cameras can be used to detect elevated body temperature (EBT).  FLIR thermal cameras have been used in public spaces — such as airports, train terminals, businesses, factories, and concerts — as an effective…

Drain cleaner 

General Pipe Cleaners’ portable JM-1000 Mini- Jet is available with stainless steel braid/Teflon core hoses in a variety of lengths. Designed to clear grease, sand and ice from 1-1/2” to 3” drain lines with high-pressure, wall-to-wall water spray, the unit operates at 1,500 psi and weighs 23 lb. It is built with a diamond plate metal case…

Moisture meter

The FLIR MR277 is an all-in-one tool for locating moisture and building envelope issues. This professional moisture meter combines Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) with FLIR Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) and advanced environmental sensors to help locate, identify and document problems.

Compact thermal camera

FLIR’s C3 pocket-sized 640 x 480 pixel digital thermal camera features a 3” touch screen with auto orientation and Wi-Fi capability that enables sharing of stored images. It has an object temperature measurement range of -10°C to 150°C, a thermal sensitivity of less than 0.1°C, a spectral range of 7.5 to 14.0 μm, and storage…

Compact brushless drill/driver

DeWalt’s Xtreme Subcompact Series brushless 12V MAX Drill/Driver can handle up to a 1/2” spade bit, is 5.97” long and weighs 1.91 lb. (tool-only). It offers up to 250 units watts out, a variable speed trigger and two-speed transmission. A belt clip and LED are included on the tool’s foot.

Threaded rod cutter

Milwaukee Tool’s M18 cordless, brushless threaded rod cutter is designed to deliver burr-free cuts for threading nuts by hand. Weighing 7.7 lb., it can be used on mild steel threaded rod in sizes up to 1/2”, or stainless steel up to 3/8”. A one-handed centre grip aids overhead and benchtop cuts. The unit has a reverse button as well as an…

Imaging moisture meter

The FLIR MR160 Imaging Moisture Meter is equipped with a built-in thermal camera. Featuring Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) technology, the meter features an integrated pin-less sensor and an external pin probe allowing the user to take either intrusive or non-intrusive measurements. The camera has a thermal image resolution of 4,800…