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Sell more by saying less

Over the 30 plus years I’ve worked with teams to enhance their customer service and selling skills, I’ve observed one simple, seldom-used communication skill that builds trust.

Don’t scan into a scam: QR codes a growing cyber risk

Recently, Ranga Bodla, vice president for field engagement and marketing of NetSuite, invited me to observe a panel discussion hosted by the Chicago CFO Leadership Council in which he and other experts discussed "Generative AI and Cyber Security Essentials."

You have questions … we have answers!

What a year! 2023 can justly be described as a rollercoaster ride. As we head into 2024, economic uncertainty continues to top the list of concerns of both households and businesses.

When to take CPP: Factors to consider

It’s generally not wise to voluntarily take up to a 36 per cent reduction in income, especially if that income is paid for life. But that’s exactly what happens to retirees who elect to take CPP at age 60.
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