Meet our Columnists

Each edition of Mechanical Business features articles from some of the best and brightest minds in the industry. Be sure to check out the expert advice from our team of columnists, in every issue!

Mike Squires, RSE – Refrigeration

Mike Squires, RSE, is a graduate of the College of the North Atlantic. Squires is manager, service accounts and technical training at Neelands Group limited in Burlington, ON where he works with customers and in-house staff on all matters relating to refrigeration.

Bob ‘Hot Rod’ Rohr – Hydronics

Bob Hot Rod Rohr has been a plumbing, radiant heat and solar contractor and installer for 35+ years. A long-time columnist, he is involved with training and education at Caleffi North America. Catch his hydronic articles in every issue.

Paul Bies – Marketing

Paul Bies is co-founder and president of Mystique Brand Communications in Toronto, brings a wealth of marketing expertise to his role as Mechanical Business marketing columnist. His mission is to empower businesses and to share insights that provide valuable perspectives for their success. As the son of an HVAC entrepreneur, he understands the business landscape and is committed to helping MB readers thrive.

Fred Bretzke – Plumbing

Fred’s hands-on field experience and passion for new technology have served him well in the role of pipe trades instructor with Calgary’s SAIT Polytechnic. He was the 2020-2021 Innovation of The Year Award Winner: SAIT for digitizing the project-based learning approach that apprenticeship training is known for. He can be reached at [email protected]

Gord Cooke – High Performance HVAC

Gord Cooke is a professional engineer who has spent 20+ years helping builders and HVAC contractors implement innovative technologies into high-performance homes. He has particular expertise in IAQ and air flow management in houses. Watch for his perspective and advice on HVAC topics that are pushing the envelope.
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