Adapt Premium Condensing Gas Tankless

A. O. Smith/AO Smith

The Adapt Premium Condensing Gas Tankless features venting up to 75 ft. (2-in. pipe) or 150 ft. (3-in. pipe) with X3 scale prevention technology that extends the life of the heater by up to 3x and an integrated recirculation pump. Available with inputs of 160k, 180k, and 199k BTU/hr. It is ENERGY STAR certified with a 0.95 UEF, and a 15/5-year heat exchanger/parts warranty.

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Infiniti GR Tankless Gas Water Heater

Bradford White

Built to meet today’s needs for efficiency and performance, Bradford White Infiniti GR is ready for a wide variety of residential and commercial applications. In addition to a built-in recirculation pump and stainless-steel heat exchanger, the Infiniti GR is ENERGY STAR certified and Certified Green Product by the Green Restaurant Association.

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Watts Relief Valve with Discharge Sensor


Prioritizes safety, protects against water damage, reduces water waste, and detects equipment issues early. It offers 24/7 monitoring with real-time relief valve discharge alerts from your building management system, activated by connection-capable discharge sensors equipped with an add-on Connection Kit. Notifications keep you aware of relief valve discharge on boiler or water heater.

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Redesigned Island Tub Drain – Coming Soon!


Introducing the redesigned Island Tub Drain, set to debut soon. It features a new one-piece design for secure installation, a smaller all-plastic deck flange that fits in tight spaces, and a snap-off test cap for water, air, and smoke testing. Available in ABS, PVC, and Total 1 2-in-1 models. 100% engineered and manufactured in Canada.

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NIBCO BenchPress Carbon Steel Fittings


Carbon steel press fittings are made for plumbing and mechanical applications. Features heavy-duty fittings with stainless steel grip rings and separator rings. Third-party certifications including IAPMO PS-117, UL/ULC 213, and FM 1920. Eliminates job site threading operations. Additionally, carbon steel press fittings tailored for fuel and gas applications are available.

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AQUV by Aqua Flo


Seven models to choose from using either 8, 12, or 20 gpm UVs, all certified by IAPMO R&T against NSF/ANSI/CAN 61, 372, and CSA B483.1. Treats water for the entire house without chemicals, with flow rates specified at 95% UVT at a dose of 30mJ/cm2. Ideal for cottages, under the sink setup, or other areas where space is tight.

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Oatey Supply Lines


The Oatey Supply Lines quickly and easily connect the water supply to fixtures and appliances. Constructed of durable, high-quality, corrosion-resistant material with the ability to bend freely and work with hot or cold water. Available in a variety of sizes and connection types and certified to meet NSF/ANSI/CAN 61: Q <(or equal) 0.5 lead requirements.

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Rheem Maximus Gas Water Heater


The high efficiency Rheem Maximus Gas Water Heater with up to 0.90 UEF, delivers continuous hot water up to 2x faster. Features MaxMode producing up to 15% more hot water and built-in LeakSense and LeakGuard Protection, coupled with EcoNet smart monitoring technology featuring integrated Wi-Fi.

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ENERGY STAR Certified AeroTherm Series

Bradford White

With 50-, 65- and 80-gallon capacity units available, the AeroTherm Series heat pump water heaters offer value, efficiency, and versatility. The AeroTherm Series are easy to install and maintain, featuring an integrated smart control panel plus five operating modes on all models (heat pump, hybrid, hybrid plus, electric and vacation).

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Serenity Shower Drain


Crafted with solid brass construction, Serenity shower drains are cCSAus and UPC certified. Available in round, square, or hex models, with 3" for moulded shower bases and new 2" options for tile bases.  Offered in a variety of finishes, such as luxe bronze and brushed gold, or our new custom split finishes.

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W-series clamps: Simplicity. Reinvented.

Taylor Walraven

A revolutionary approach to mounting pipes to strut, the patented one-piece design ensures effortless installation. No disassembly required before usage, making it time-efficient. One SKU suits both indoor and outdoor applications, offering an alternative to traditional strut and cushion clamp solutions.

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TotalFit Push-to-Connect Fittings


TotalFit Push-to-Connect fittings from Uponor work with copper, CPVC, PE-RT, and PEX piping. Manufactured from durable engineered polymer (EP) and meets IPC, UPC and IRC building codes. Available in sizes from 1/2 -inch to 1-inch. Ideal solution for rerouting, repairing and re-piping hot/cold water plumbing systems.

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Sanipit 24 GR – 1-HP Retrofit Pump


A hassle-free resolution for faulty sewage pump replacements and upgrades with a pre-assembled heavy-duty retrofit pump kit, designed to fit most 24" basins. Featuring a 1-HP stainless steel grinder for both residential and commercial applications. With fail-proof air pressure switch technology, it discharges gray water up to 25 ft. vertically and 328 ft. horizontally.

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Leak Prevention & Water Saving Systems

Mits Air

Advanced leak detection & water consumption monitoring solutions tailored to your specific application. Developers/owners can enjoy water savings and peace of mind from anywhere with 24/7 Central Monitoring Station and App. Contractor work is simplified with easy to install solutions. Applicable to small residential or large-scale commercial projects.

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EasyFit Isolator Valve

Lyncar Waterline

The EasyFit Isolator Valve is a quick fix valve from ½-inch to 1 inch that can be installed in less than 10 minutes. The full-bore isolation valve can be installed on a live waterline with no freezing required.

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Evolution 1HP Food Waste Disposer


New 1HP Advanced Series disposer from InSinkErator, the industry leader. Now with 4 stages of grind to power through the toughest food waste. SoundSeal technology makes this unit up to 80% quieter than a standard unit and new EZ install and EZ Connect features make this our fastest install ever. Get the yuck factor out of your kitchen without waiting until garbage day.

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CircuitSolver Thermostatic Balancing Valves


CircuitSolver valves continuously monitor the water temperature in a hot water recirculation system and automatically adjust flow as conditions change to send hot water where needed. This eliminates costly and time-intensive manual balancing and re-balancing efforts. CircuitSolver valves are available in various sizes and assembly configurations to accommodate your designs’ specifications.

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NEW Eco-King HEET On-Demand Water Heater

King Heating/Eco-King

Arriving in Spring 2024, the new HEET on-demand water heater boasts a single pass heat exchanger coupled with an internal pump to guarantee steady hot water temperatures. European engineered and designed, while prioritizing ultimate ease of access and serviceability.

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Flash Shower Rough-in Valves

Lixil/American Standard

The Flash shower rough-in valves are built for quick and easy installation, fitting even in tight spaces and thin wall applications. Offering both 2-way and 3-way discrete and shared functionality in one valve. Made of MZR brass.

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ACO Drain


The ACO Drain system combines simplified grading for efficient water collection with safety features like Heelsafe, ADA compliance and slip-resistance. The channels are crafted from strong and long lasting polymer concrete with a pre-sloped invert for efficient drainage and self-cleaning capabilities. Manufactured in the Great Lakes region.

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Prime-Time Series Electronic Trap Primer

PPP/Precision Plumbing Products

The Prime-Time Series Electronic Trap Primer is capable of servicing up to 30 drains with a single unit. Available in 24Vac, 120VAC, 220VAC and equipped with an Energy Management System device. Certified by ASSE 1044, UPC, UL, CSA B125.3-22, and NSF/ANSI 372, it prioritizes water conservation while remaining lead-free.

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Halo Swing-activated Faucet and Eyewash

Bradley Corp

The Halo™ Swing-activated faucet and eyewash is a space-efficient solution for tight workspaces or labs. When swung out 90 degrees, the eyewash activates instantly, responding swiftly to emergencies. Featuring a durable ceramic valve that limits wear on moving parts while fully functional even under a low water pressure, delivering optimal eye washdown coverage and spray pattern.

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NEW! NTI Compass Fire Tube Boiler


NTI Compass Fire Tube Boiler features a floor-mount design not dependent on installation being against the wall. Built-in primary/secondary piping for easy retrofits of existing systems. Available in combi and heat-only models, all equipped with integrated ECM pumps. Offers intuitive control with setup Wizard and integrated Wi-Fi connectivity. Sizes range from 85 to 199 MBH, up to 96% AFUE efficiency.

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0015e3 ECM High-Efficiency Circulator


The 0015e3 ECM High-Efficiency Circulator features an 18 ft. shut-off head,  a maximum flow of 16 GPM, a variable speed, and high-efficiency wet rotor circulator. With an ECM high-efficiency motor utilizing up to 85% less electricity and three easy settings, it replaces all 3-speed hydronic circulators in its class.

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Vitocal 100-AW


Launching in spring 2024, the Vitocal 100-AW is a residential Air-to-Water Heat Pump System featuring an outdoor unit, an indoor unit and a steel buffer tank. Available in three sizes: 1.5, 3, and 4.3 tons for cooling/20.5, 34 and 58 MBH for heating. With an all-in-one kit for easy inventory and installation, it's future-ready with R32 low GWP refrigerant, ensuring energy efficiency without fossil fuels.

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Navien NPF Hydro-furnace


Navien's high-efficiency NPF Hydro-furnace is available in 60,000 and 100,000 BTU/h and features industry leading variable capacity that can modulate down to 15%. The fully enclosed Ultra-Low NOx premix burner provides extremely quiet operation, and EZNav unit mounted interface with Setup and Service Wizards allows for easy installation and troubleshooting.  

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Wilo Star E 21


The high-efficiency Wilo Star E 21 pump features EC motor-driven technology while offering differential temperature control and auto-mode that automatically adjusts to the system demand. Equipped with an LED display and adjustment buttons for easy setup and changes. Max. Head: 20 ft. and Max. Flow: 16.8 GPM.

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VIPERT (PE-RT) Potable & Radiant Tubing

CB Supplies

VIPERT (PE-RT) potable & radiant tubing is compatible with various joining methods: crimp, push-fit and cold expansion. It's 100% recyclable, with the lowest GHG emissions. Built for extreme temperatures, it guarantees strength and durability, backed by a 25-year warranty. Available in sizes from 3/8” to 2”, complemented by IVAR radiant manifolds for a complete Hydronics system.

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LECTRUS – Commercial Electric Boiler


Introducing LECTRUS, the commercial electric boiler offering power ranging from 15 to 150 kilowatts. The modulating control board allows for precise boiler control. ASME rated pressure vessel, with a robust 160 psi working pressure and a maximum operating temperature of 250°F. Additionally, it features the SMART SYSTEMS control platform.

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VRV EMERION: Flexible, Sustainable Cost-Saver


VRV EMERION delivers sustainability with up to 30.0 IEER performance, with an innovative design that reclaims space and cuts installation costs. Long piping lengths serve up to 361 feet of vertical separation. Manage and monitor with HERO Simple Edge controls. Single modules ranging from 6 to 20 tons, and dual modules up to 40 tons.

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Moovair Central-Moov/Add-On Coil

Master Group

Introducing Moovair Central-Moov/Add-On Coil for year-round comfort. With HEAT+ Technology, it delivers up to 100% capacity at -20°C. Its innovative inverter technology ensures energy efficiency, while retrofit flexibility caters to full electric or hybrid applications. Features whisper-quiet operation, with low noise levels as low as 58 dB(A).

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Anywhere you can pan a joist, you can use Thermopan. The definitive sheet metal alternative for return air ducts that is lightweight and easy to install while dampening duct popping noise. Manufactured in USA & Canada from recycled material.

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Rheem Endeavor Line Classic Plus Series


The Rheem Endeavor Line Classic Plus Series offers optimal performance in a compact design. EcoNet enabled and ENERGY STAR certified, it boasts efficiency up to 19 SEER2 and 12 EER2, with sound as low as 58dBA. Experience 70% capacity, even at -15°C.

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Maximum Mini-Split Ductless

Granby/ Conforto

The Maximum Mini-Split Ductless system is ideal for both residential and commercial structures, offering flexibility with single and multi-zone applications. With WIFI capability and energy efficiency, meeting ENERGY STAR standards, it qualifies for utility rebates. The system comes with a warranty, including a 10-year compressor and 10-year parts coverage.

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RS-50 (R-442A)

Refrigerant Services/RS Cool

RS – 50 has a lower GWP and a high efficiency drop-in replacement for R-404A, R-507A and R22 in refrigeration. Compatible with polyolester (POE) lubricants and existing POE oil will not require replacement. It has a zero-ozone depletion potential and GWP of 1888. Available in 10.9 kg containers.

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AIRSTAGE Multi-Position Air Handler


True multi-position design with up, down and horizontal flow.  Inverter driven h/p with highest efficiency PCM motor and all aluminum indoor coil.  Indoor sound levels as low as 20dba, and outdoor 53dba.  Minimal clearance on 3 sides with only 24-in. clearance on the front for service.  Variable speed inverter-driven compressor for optimum system operation.

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RadonX Soil Gas Venting System


RadonX is designed, tested, and labelled to address soil gas venting. Meets rigorous standards and complies with building codes. Compatibility with all RadonX pipes, fittings, accessories and solvent cement. It boasts third-party testing to evaluate performance and efficacy, while its perforated pipe enables increased airflow in sub-slab area.

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FORANE R-32: A bright idea for our future.


Forane 32 is a refrigerant that provides a cost-effective and low GWP alternative for the HVAC industry. It has a higher capacity and better efficiency over R-410A with potential to reduce system size with a lower charge amount. A single component refrigerant with zero glide and easier maintenance.

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Gas Monitoring Devices


Features a universal robust enclosure and an electronic display, with audible and visual alarms.  Offering reduced cabling through a daisy-chain network of up to 32 devices, it seamlessly integrates into the BMS with BACnet or CAN bus. Meeting UL-2075/ULC-588 and UL-61010 standards, it is factory calibrated and can simultaneously measure two different gases.

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Z-VENT Special Gas Vent


The Z-VENT Special Gas Vent offers self-sealing FKM gasket connections install in half the time of field sealed systems. Its specially designed gaskets ensure an air and water-tight fit, while its fusion welded pipe seams ensure optimum vent performance and reliability, eliminating the need for field-applied sealant. Single Wall metallic special gas vent is cut to length on site.

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EZ Series LA – Low Ambient Heat Pump/VRF


The EZ Series LA is a VRF system with a variable speed compressor. Boasting an Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class rating of 28 and a Sound Transmission Class rating of 37. The system is equipped with back-up dual-stage electric heat and can operate the heat pump down to -5⁰F.

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Schwank Select10 Series Air Curtain


The quietest operation in its class and offers flexible mounting up to 10′ in commercial entranceways with a sleek modern design to blend into your space. A high-efficiency EC Motor powers this air curtain and is available in electric heated and ambient models.

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Lennox Enlight Heat Pump


Introducing the Lennox Enlight Heat Pump. Features sustainability by design and engineered to minimize environmental impact. Its engineered intelligence ensures exceptional efficiency while prioritizing sustainability. Offers simple service and maintenance, maximizing efficiency. Powered by the Lennox CORE Control System.

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New Amana brand S-series Split Systems


Easy to transport and install and engineered for traditional ducted applications. Compatible with heat pump, gas furnace, or dual fuel connectivity, ranging from 1.5-5 tons. Requiring only 4 inches of clearance, perfect for zero-lot-line yards. It utilizes existing line sets, connecting up to 100 feet of pipe, while its quiet inverter compressors deliver up to 8.6 HSPF2 and 17.5 SEER2 efficiency.

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QuietComfort Compact Heat Pump (DLCURA)


Get value and efficiency with our compact heat pump that gets an up to 18 SEER2 cooling rating. Designed for smaller spaces, this unit boasts a built-in 24V interface, traditional line sets and is compatible with the KeepRite Ductless Crossover Solutions. 10-year parts limited warranty.

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Goodman GM9C96 Two-Stage Gas Furnace


Featuring an aluminized-steel primary heat exchanger with wrinkle-bend technology. With a 9-speed ECM motor, airflow adapts to match comfort needs. Enhancing serviceability, a 3-digit LED display provides clear status codes. Bluetooth compatibility and a data port for expandable BLE Plugin module. Showcases a two-speed induced-draft blower that delivers control and energy efficiency.

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The Oxford LPP Platform

Oxford Energy

The Oxford LPP Platform leverages the benefits of low-pressure technology, eliminating conventional parts and ambient restrictions. Digitally optimized for enhanced performance with future adaptability, and standard solar fit integration. Proven to be more energy efficient than any other platform.

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General’s Flexi-Rooter Flexible Shaft Machine

GPC/General Pipe Cleaners

General Pipe Cleaners has rethought high-speed, flexible shaft machines with the introduction of the Flexi-Rooter, the next generation flexible shaft machine. We’ve added an integral, variable speed motor with foot pedal control, stronger, stiffer shaft and our unique ClogChopper cutters combined with carbide tipped chain cutters for a formidable combination. 

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HoldRite Fixture Outlet Boxes


HoldRite Fixture Outlet Boxes offer a high-end aesthetic with chrome and paintable white escutcheon options. Allows for supply stop to be installed and pressure testing at rough-in, while available with tail pieces for PEX, copper, and CPVC. Featuring a threaded protective cover for easy installation/removal, and  both fire-rated and non-fire rated options.

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Clean Ream Extreme


Clean Ream Extreme, also known as a socket saver or hub saver, removes leftover pipe and solvent cement residue from plastic fittings. This tool is designed to reduce labour time and materials costs by reusing fittings while the pilot diameter aids in cutting on centre and stops tool at the proper depth. It is offered in specific fitting sizes to give the best clean-out.

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Triangle Tube

Triangle Tube is proud to introduce an industry leading loyalty program. The CONNECT loyalty program allows you to register products, earn points and redeem rewards. The more you install, the more you earn! Join CONNECT and begin earning amazing rewards today!

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DEWALT 20V MAX Compact Press Tool Kit with CTS Jaws


The DEWALT 20V MAX Compact Press Tool Kit (Model #DCE210D2K) combines compact series ergonomics with benefits of 20V MAX platform. Included CTS jaws are compatible with most professional-grade press fitting brands. Its 180° rotating head ensures optimal press angles, while inline design enables efficient, one-handed jaw actuation.

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NR7 Recovery Unit


The NR7 recovery unit is compact and light weighing at 20.3 lb (9.2 kg). Its brushless DC motor is compact, efficient and A2L compatible. With twin cylinders and a large condenser, it ensures fast recovery. CSA safety certification ensures overload and high-pressure protection. Its purge function prevents refrigerant mixing for enhanced safety.

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