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AAON Leads the Industry with Early Adoption of A2L Refrigerant, R-454B

AAON, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance, energy-efficient commercial HVAC systems, announces its proactive transition to the low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant, R-454B, across its product line. This strategic shift not only aligns with upcoming 2025 low GWP refrigerant regulations but also reinforces AAON's…

2025 Refrigerant Transition Guide

In 2025, a major regulatory change takes effect in the United States, requiring most new HVAC equipment to transition to refrigerants with lower environmental impact.

Innovative Sanipit 24® GR Retrofit Pump Kit

The innovative Sanipit® 24 GR retrofit pump kit surpasses 50 years of sewage ejector advancements, offering a reliable solution for faulty pumps. With a 1 HP grinder motor and air pressure mech anism, it easily fits 24-inch basins from Liberty, Zoeller, and Myers. Its thermo-magnetic motors, direct access points, and fail-proof wastewater…

Introducing a Reliable, Mess-Free Sewage Ejector Replacement Solution

Faulty sewage pumps continue to pose persistent challenges for plumbing contractors and homeowners, including high maintenance costs, float issues, and messy repairs. However, the new Sanipit® 24 GR retrofit pump kit from SFA Saniflo is here to change the game by offering a hassle-free, high-performance option for replacing faulty sewage…

General Pipe Cleaners Kinetic Water Ram

The General Pipe Cleaners Kinetic Water Ram is a safe and effective way to clear clogged sinks and tubs. Over 50 years of technical advancements make the rugged, all-metal Kinetic Water Ram® the choice for quickly clearing clogged drains. Just pump it up, insert in drain – and snap the trigger. It’s that easy.