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Heat pump water heaters

Lochinvar air source heat pumps for commercial and industrial applications heat domestic water to temperatures as high as 160°F. Designed to meet decarbonisation requirements, air source heat pumps transfer atmospheric heat via a refrigeration cycle for domestic hot water use. Available in six sizes, they offer 50 to 500 gallons per hour…

Water heater installation accessories

SharkBite offers flexible water heater connectors designed for joining pipes in tight spaces that do not line up. Its thermal expansion relief valves eliminate the need for an expansion tank, shut-off valve and fitting where high-pressure conditions are likely to occur. The valves are compatible with PEX, copper, CPVC, PE-RT and HDPE…

Overflow cut-off switch

Safe-T-Switch low-voltage condensate overflow cutoff switches from RectorSeal are designed for residential and commercial AC equipment. Features include an SC1 inline cleanout device, a magnetic reed switch, and a built-in hand-ratcheting float. Available in three models (SS1, SS2, SS3), the switches can detect clogged condensate drains…

Soil gas venting system

The RadonX from IPEX is an engineered PVC soil gas venting system specifically designed and tested to address the need for collecting and venting radon gas from low-rise construction. The system consists of perforated and solid wall pipes, fittings, cement and termination accessories manufactured to strict quality, performance and…

Buffer tank

Flexcon’s Argosy is a pressurized composite buffer tank designed for potable and nonpotable water. Features include threaded stainless steel water connections, a continuous strand fibreglass inner tank, high R-value closed cell foam insulation, and a non-corrosive plastic outer jacket.

By-pass feeders

Hood Chemical’s VTF series of by-pass feeders available from Neptune feature wide-mouth easy close caps and hold string wound filters. Working pressure is up to 300 psi max at 200°F for a two-gallon, 11 gauge steel unit. Max pressure is 300 psi when paired with an LMO filter housing. www.

Handheld drain cleaner

The Uni-Stand from General Pipe Cleaners supports hand-held drain cleaners when working in tight spaces. The adjustable clamp slides around the motor housing. It is designed to fit the Super-Vee, PowerVee and Handylectric hand-held drain cleaners. www.

Commercial gas water heaters

The eF 120 series of commercial gas water heaters from Bradford White Canada incorporate building management and modulation technologies for remote monitoring capability. Capacity is 119 gallons, with thermal efficiency ratings of 96.5% for the 400 3N, and 95% for the 500 3N models. www.

UBV upblast roof ventilator

Continental Fan’s UBC upblast roof ventilators for hot or contaminated air streams, provide airflow capacities up to 61,000 cfm. They feature a V-belt drive, a weatherproof closure for vertical air discharge, a heavy duty welded steel base, a galvanized butterfly exhaust damper section, and a spark resistant cast aluminum airfoil axial…

Renewable fuel burners

AF and AFG burners from R.W. Beckett Corp. are now certified to use biodiesel blends of up to 20% (B20). The burners are also certified for traditional home heating oils and renewable diesel blends up to 95% (R95). Capacities are 0.40 to 3 gph and 56,000 to 420,000 BTU/H input. The burners have a onepiece flame retention burner head and a…