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Drains, drains everywhere but where do we begin?

By Fred Bretzke Back in the day, I don’t know how many times I had to look for cleanouts to access the main drain in a finished basement. This article is dedicated to pointing out different hints on where to start if you have a backed up main drain. I’ll start with the more uncommon drains which would be the rural houses…

Troubleshooting tips for common issues

Booster pump systems are critical to maintaining the pressure and flow demands in modern high-rise buildings such as hotels and office structures so water pressure on the top floors is as good as that on the ground level. Given the importance of booster pumps in multi-storey buildings, it’s essential to keep these systems in good working…

Maintain healthy water pressure for effective operation

Demand for constant, reliable water flow and pressure in structures such as hotels, office complexes and other commercial applications requires pressure boosting equipment. Increasing the water pressure enables transportation of water throughout high-rise buildings.

Understanding Building Plans

Whether you are building a multi-storey building, or a house, they all involve plans or blueprints and it is critical that plumbers read them correctly.

Understanding Toilet Technology

Every plumber wants to be sure that they complete each project to their client’s satisfaction. When it comes to toilets, callbacks, service calls for maintenance, and poor flush performance are among the...

The finer points of leak detection

There is an old trades’ saying that you became a plumber and not an electrician because there was too much math in electrical. Little did some of us realize that in order to become a plumber/gasfitter there would still be some electrical involved with the gas part of the trade. It is funny though, that most electricians I’ve talked to,…

About grease interceptors

Grease interceptors, or grease traps as they are often-misnamed, are frequently misunderstood and largely overlooked. After all, they are usually out of sight and therefore out of mind.

Less is more when it comes to residential venting

Since I started to teach, I have tried to keep up with the trade by doing the occasional rough-in. Last year I believed that I’d finally done my last one, as my body is getting too old for that stuff. I always tell apprentice students they are like