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FYI, you need to work on your DEI

People managers and business owners know it is not enough to just schedule staff and invoice customers. You are also expected to be the company expert on every legal obligation and people issue that comes with doing business in Canada.

Why should technicians wear uniforms?

When technicians wear uniforms there are benefits for the company, customers, and the tech. A uniform instills customer confidence, boosts team morale among technicians, and leads to higher profitability for your company.

Mitigating workplace hazards

As a result of a wide variety of job specifications, it is not always easy to narrow down the hazards faced by those working in the mechanical industry. Distinguishing between hazards in office environments and on job sites is one way of classifying risks.

Breaking up is hard to do

By this point in your life, you have likely been on one side of the table or the other, either as an employee resigning from a job or as a manager hearing an employee tell you they are going elsewhere. Read on to learn how to navigate these conversations professionally and legally while protecting your reputation,

Thinking of adding hydronics to your repertoire?

By Matthew Reid Have you ever thought about incorporating hydronics into your business? If you want to get into the hydronic business, remember there is a lot to consider. It’s not as simple as putting up an open for business sign and waiting for the customers to break down your door. The following steps should help you on…

Social media in 2023: The Dos and Don’ts

Social media is no longer optional in today’s marketing climate. A company without even a Facebook page sends a signal to the market that you’re not current, never mind the lost opportunity to reach a wide audience...

The importance of building a community profile

For many time-starved contractors, marketing activity is dominated by the digital tactics that are necessary in an industry where a new customer is inevitably found during their time of need. If a pipe bursts or the furnace...

The VIP treatment

Is your company losing workers left and right? It’s a problem plaguing most Canadian employers these days. Perhaps at one point in time, the promise of a steady paycheque and a gold watch at 65 was enough to keep people loyal...