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Tania Johnston: RISING TO THE TOP

Twenty years after joining MCA Canada on a six-month contract, Tania Johnston has become the national organization’s first ever female CEO, a step that she hopes will inspire other females toward successful paths in the mechanical trade as well. “It is a huge honour to be given this responsibility,” she said during a recent Zoom…

Vanessa Meats: Finding efficiency with low pressure

When the new owners of Vanessa Meats were looking to expand, they wanted to increase the company’s refrigeration capacity, and to update the system to meet growing needs. Of course, this was no small bump in size, or minor retrofit; the new system will outpace the capacity of their original system by a factor of about 4.5 to one, despite…

Radiant cooling – A Canadian tradition

Are radiant cooling systems a good fit in Canadian markets? If comfort and energy efficiency are design goals, radiant is a great way to go, regardless of the location, unless you are building on the edge of the Arctic Circle and have no need for additional cooling, that is. There is no secret design trick to making a radiant cooling…

Reopening facilities for a post-COVID-19 world

As the COVID-19 outbreak slowed down and companies started eyeing a return to normal, a number of new and different risks have been emerging, including concerns about reopening dormant buildings with stagnant water systems. Several weeks of zero-flow, lowflow and tempered water can result in microbiological growth, the leeching of…

Sebastian Clovis: A professional approach to renovations

A love and appreciation for the construction trades started early for former Canadian Football League defensive back Sebastian Clovis. Speaking to him in his hometown of Toronto, he fondly remembers building things with his dad’s tools, and wondering about the future buildings that were going up behind the construction hoarding around the…

Keeping cool in a pandemic

With healthcare infrastructure being pushed to its limits to manage the pressure created by the COVID-19 pandemic, will there be changes to demand for cooling-related products and maintenance of HVAC systems in institutions such as hospitals? Well, it depends who you ask.

Getting energized about service vans

Electrification, particularly in the truck market, has been in the headlines this past year. And, while you still can’t buy a Tesla or Rivian electric pickup truck just yet, they are getting closer; but electricity isn’t just for pickups, it’s coming to the van market as well.

Mike Rowe: Still dishing the dirt

Almost a decade ago, television host-turned-guest Mike Rowe shared insights into the importance of the trades in these very pages. Now that we’ve turned the calendar to the 2020s, we thought we’d ring him up again...