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The cooling is on − is that enough?

As heating and cooling specialists, you and I share a similar goal with our customers. We all wish for a comfortable home or workplace. It falls on our shoulders as designers and installers to meet that goal. In many...

The case of the flooded boiler feed tank

One of the most overlooked issues inside a steam boiler room is water leaking from the steam system. At a recent visit to a brewery, water dripped steadily from the boiler feed tank overflow pipe. In my classes I refer to water leaks as a boiler killer. In addition to destroying the boiler,...

Would you like radiant with that?

No matter where we go these days it seems as if there’s someone trying to upsell us on something. The truth is, the art of upsell is nothing new. Walk into a fast food restaurant and you’re asked if you want to super-size it. Go to the theater...

Who is in control around here?

You take a few steps backwards, snap a few “glamour” shots and send your piping pics around the globe. It is a common practice these days to share mechanical room piping on the various

All about actuators

We are surrounded by actuators in our everyday life. In your home, the trip lever on your toilet is one of the simplest examples, a hand-operated lever. In your vehicle, you may have power seat

Learning the ins and outs of training

I am at a point in my career where I can talk somewhat knowledgeably about training. I spent the first 15 or so years of my career struggling for the legal tender like many small shop owners. Training then pretty much involved time off from the

Feeling Separated?

My first “aha” moment was learning about the point of no pressure changes (PONPC) by reading and re-reading Dan Holohan’s Pumping Away, which is a must read for all hydronic pros and wannabes. Just as that knowledge...