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A primer on residential geothermal heat pump system design

A successful ground source heat pump (GSHP) project starts with a well-planned system design. There are basic, yet critical elements to building out a practical design. These will ultimately lead to a finished product that meets end-user requirements; observes any site-specific installation considerations; ensures long-term reliability…

Heat pumps in district in energy systems: A winning mix

The North American heat pump market is experiencing unprecedented growth. The majority of these are air source heat pumps for single-family homes and multi-family residential buildings. Growth is being driven by increasing awareness of carbon emissions, government policy and incentives, and the increasing need for cooling in our homes

Retrofitting buildings for a sustainable future

As the effects of climate change continue to accelerate, so do efforts within the built environment to invest in and adopt smart solutions that deliver efficiency and sustainability benefits. From IoT-enabled intelligent monitoring systems that offer real-time equipment and asset health management, to predictive maintenance and…

A methodical approach to diagnosing pumping problems

Commercial pump issues are often system issues 80 to 90 per cent of the time in my experience. That’s not to say that the pump is never the cause of the problem, it’s just easy to point to the pump before verifying the system meets the design for which the pump was selected.

Focus on health: The fine balance of energy retrofits and IAQ

In Canada, the building sector contributes to 18 per cent of annual greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and transforming our building stock is now a well recognized priority for meeting globally agreed upon GHG reduction targets. Building new and more energy efficient buildings will help, but renovating our existing housing stock is seen as…

Selling the benefits of new technology

I have been promoting new technologies for the building industry generally and in the mechanical realm more specifically, throughout my career. New technologies present new benefits to clients and thus new