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January/February 2014

Arlene Dickinson: Promoting an entrepreneurial economyKnow your backflowGetting flexible with ductworkThe mystery of the banging valvesSpace saving in service vehiclesSecuring and placing PEX

November/December 2013

Jody Mitic: A model of perseveranceThe plight of pipesTaming short cyclesMaking infrared fitA pump curve mysteryChanging rules on combo systems

September/October 2013

Off the cuff with Colin MochrieLead-free uncertaintyHVAC: Sizing up F280Zoning in on comfortCombatting cross connectionsRefrigeration: A leak monitoring look-see

July/August 2013

Discovering science with Dan RiskinPiping for national securityHarmonics in HVACPanel: The future of hydronicsRefrigerant acid removal

May June 2013

Canadian IndyCar star James Hinchcliffe on high performance Solar thermal: Banking on ice Pumps: Finding the BEP Pushing Geo efficiency higher Reclaimed water storage & use

March April 2013

Don Plett: The plumber's politician Heat pumps: Advances in air-source technology A hands-off approach to kitchen faucets Versus: Delta T or Delta P? Refrigeration: Testing for leaks

January/February 2013

On the Hunt with Scott McGillivray, Paul Lafrance and Bryan Baeumler Upselling the Kitchen & Bath Serious about series piping Emergency HVAC replacements Drain Cleaning: A tool for every clog Thermally activated slabs hit Toronto

November/December 2012

Brett Wilson: Finding balance Pipes: Sizing them right Pumps: The heart of the system Ducts: Tackling leakage from within Refrigerants: What to use, and where

September/October 2012

Down and dirty with Mike Rowe: Perpetual apprentice and host of Dirty JobsServicing Steam BoilersBathroom Style: Dress Up Private SpacesBoiler Control Regulations RevisedThermostat Swap-outRetailer Targets Mechanical Efficiency

July/August 2012

At the Olympics with Catriona Le May Doan Swapping skates for a microphone Keeping cool in the attic Cheating by the sink Making the most of controls System design: Manifold destiny Heat pumps for retrofits