Rebate with a twist: no paperwork, no waiting

The rebate and incentive world can be like navigating a maze for contractors and their customers. Some contractors are reluctant to get involved because of the research, work and follow up involved, yet customers expect to receive the rebates they see heavily promoted by governments and utilities. Remaining competitive means navigating rules, regulations and paperwork for the contractor or administrative staff.

Simplifying the rebate process is key to having contractors buy-in and to encourage the specification and installation of efficient products. An Enbridge Gas Inc. rebate program in its first year of a three year rollout in Ontario has removed some of the barriers to uptake and is thought to be the model of the future for rebate programs in many regions.

On the commercial side of the business, the Distributor Discount Program pays the heating and hot water equipment rebate to the distributor (wholesaler) rather than the end use customer. Enbridge is providing the rebate to distributors with the expectation that it will help convince contractors to purchase better, more efficient equipment. The distributor passes along a percentage of the rebate to contractors at the point of sale, or as a credit on account. This results in a lower cost to the commercial end customer, thereby providing them with an incentive to purchase the most efficient products. Bottom line for the contractor is there is no wait and no paperwork.

Enbridge Gas rebates of up to $1,000 are available on eligible models of condensing tankless water heaters (minimum 92.2 per cent efficiency), condensing storage water heaters (minimum 94.5 per cent thermal efficiency) and condensing unit heaters (minimum 90 per cent efficiency).