CIB and Efficiency Capital partner to help buildings decarbonize

The Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) and Efficiency Capital have formalized their financial partnership to help small and medium-sized building owners decarbonize with a $50 million investment from CIB.

Efficiency Capital Inc., a Toronto, ON-based Energy-as-a-Service company, partners with building owners to offer deep retrofit solutions that reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. The company is an aggregator under CIB’s Building Retrofits Initiative, which provides long-term investments for building retrofits to modernize and improve energy efficiency.

Upgrades under the program include HVAC systems, heat pumps, automation systems, roof insulation, lighting, EV charging, and renewable energy sources such as solar PV and geothermal.

Three projects are already underway with the help of Efficiency Capital, in Alberta, Ontario and New Brunswick, that together will reduce 10,000 tonnes of CO2 over their lifetime.

CIB has invested more than $1.2 billion to date through the Building Retrofits Initiative towards modernizing buildings in Canada.

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