HVACR Skills Competition returns to CMPX

CMPX 2024 will include the HVACR Skills Competition for secondary and post-secondary skilled trades students.

The event takes place March 20 to 21, and will include three days of student competitions: Heating Systems Gaunlet for post-secondary students; Refrigeration/Air conditioning Showdown for post-secondary students; and Heating Systems and Refrigeration/Air Conditioning Challenge for secondary students.

Participants will face hands-on challenges that showcase their HVAC/R skills, including:

  • Electricity, pressure, mechanics of refrigeration systems and hydrocarbon fuel-based heating systems.
  • Ability to understand and follow wiring diagrams and manuals.
  • Knowledge and use of health and safety regulations.
  • Adjusting and checking of safety/operating controls including equipment commissioning of a refrigeration and/or air conditioning system and/or gas-fired appliance as per the manufacturer’s instructions (post-secondary only)
  • Problem solving in relation to refrigeration and air conditioning systems and/or heating systems (post-secondary only)

To learn how to become a competitor contact Grace Diecidue at [email protected]






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