Smarter solutions

By Carolyn Cooper

American Standard’s Aspirations EcoStrength Toilet offers water-savings and flushing power. By combining 3L of water with advanced vacuum-assisted technology to clear the bowl with one flush, the EcoStrength toilet cuts water use in half, and meets demands for efficiency, performance, style and sustainability. The EverClean surface inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew.

Homeowners today want it all when it comes to plumbing choices – style, superior performance, enhanced functionality, energy and water efficiency, sustainability, and smart features such as connectivity. As manufacturers meet this demand with residential plumbing products that combine form with multiple functions, they’re also focusing on technology that is quicker, easier and more economical to install and maintain.

“Over the past few years, the residential plumbing scene has seen some pretty cool innovations and trends. Smart plumbing technology has taken off, with things like smart faucets and touchless toilets becoming more mainstream,” says Parniian Frozan, leader, brand activation, for American Standard North America. “Another trend is eco-friendly plumbing solutions. Low-flow toilets and high-efficiency fixtures are gaining popularity, helping users reduce their water consumption and lower their environmental impact. All in all, the world of residential plumbing is evolving, embracing technology, sustainability, and style to make our homes not only functional but also smarter and more efficient.”

Faster, cleaner changeouts and “white glove service,” are becoming a must in residential applications. The Sanipit 24GR retrofit pump kit from Saniflo provides a hassle-free, high-performance sewage pump replacement solution that fits most 24-in. basins and is compatible with existing pump systems.

From smart showers to connected leak detection devices, there is more opportunity than ever for customers to upgrade their products to include more tech-savvy options, providing greater convenience, security and wellness,” says Anny Ang, director, wholesale marketing for Moen Canada. “Many smart home offerings feature a range of benefits – from touchless technology to protect hygiene and health, enhanced sustainability to reduce water waste, and automation and integration to provide peace of mind. We’re also seeing an increased interest in customization options, which is why our products often come in a variety of finishes and styles. We want contractors to be able to offer products that don’t compromise form for function.”

The Watco Universal NuFit Tub Trim Kits make high-volume installations or replacing any bathtub drain trim quick and easy, without needing tools. Kits install with an included silicone adhesive or optional bonding.

Jason King, Northwest regional manager for Duravit US, agrees that integrated innovative technologies are producing plumbing products with expanded solutions for both homeowners and contractors. He cites “features such as seat heating, odour extraction, nightlight features, automatic seat opening, and more, which can be controlled to the user’s sensory preferences from a remote or on an app.”

At the same time, says King, “contractors are looking for quality products that require less labour to install and less maintenance overall, along with smart features that can enhance functionality.”

The Hot-Shot 320 and Hot-Shot 400 pipe thawing machines from General Pipe Cleaners safely thaw pipes in minutes without tearing up floors or walls, digging around pipes in frozen ground, or using hazardous blow torches. The compact units plug into any 115 V outlet and generate 320 amps (Hot-Shot 320) to thaw up to 100 ft. of 1 1/2-in. pipe, or 400 amps (Hot-Shot 400) to thaw up 175 ft. of 1 1/2-in. pipe.

Because of the complexity of new innovations, manufacturers including Duravit and American Standard offer training on a variety of products. “Whether it’s smart plumbing systems, eco-friendly solutions, or cutting-edge fixtures, our training sessions are designed to empower professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate and excel in the world of modern plumbing,” says Frozan.

“Looking ahead, the next 18 months in residential plumbing promise some exciting developments,” says Frozan. “We anticipate a continued surge in smart home integration within plumbing systems, with even more intuitive and interconnected features that make daily tasks more convenient and environmentally conscious. Eco-friendly solutions will likely take centre stage, with a heightened focus on sustainable materials, water-saving technologies, and  energy-efficient fixtures.

“In terms of design, we foresee a rise in minimalist and adaptable styles, catering to the demand for fixtures that seamlessly blend with various interior aesthetics,” adds Frozan. “Sleek lines, versatile finishes, and customizable features are likely to dominate the residential plumbing landscape, creating a balance between functionality and visual appeal.”











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