Feds launch Indigenous Leadership Fund to support energy efficiency projects

The ministry of environment and climate change has introduced the Indigenous Leadership Fund providing up to $180 million to support Indigenous-owned and led renewable energy, energy efficiency and low-carbon heating projects led by First Nations, Inuit and Metis.

The program was developed in collaboration with First Nations representatives, Inuit organizations and Metis governments. Up to $73.9 million is currently available for First Nations-led projects through a continuous intake process open until March 31, 2027. Metis and Inuit funding is being delivered over six years, starting this year, in a directed intake process.

Two projects that have received federal funding include $8.5 million to the Peavine Community Solar Farm Project to install a solar system which will be tied to the Alberta grid, and which will offset a portion of the Peavine Metis Settlement’s electricity requirements; and more than $1.8 million to the Tl’etinqox Community Bioheat Project to install a biomass heating system to displace propane used in eight community buildings, a church, and a healing centre in the community.

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