Poppy partners with Ainsworth to improve IAQ in buildings

Poppy has released a portable instant air tracer and sensor system test kit for HVAC service providers and building owners, and has announced a partnership with Ainsworth to use the BreatheScore Kits.

The kit allows HVAC companies to measure air changes and ventilation performance, and comply with ASHRAE Standard 241-2023 to reduce the spread of airborne diseases in buildings.

A digital real-time automated process tests a 10-storey building and provides results within a day. The company also offers the BreatheScore training and accreditation program, with hands-on training in HVAC performance measurement.

Ainsworth will use the kits to ensure sustainable air quality, and compliance with applicable standards across its commercial building portfolio.

The ASHRAE Standard 241-2023 sets requirements for the amount of clean, pathogen-free air that must be provided per occupant to reduce the risk of transmission of airborne viruses in buildings.

Ainsworth provides HVAC and energy management solutions for the commercial and industrial markets across North America.

Poppy is based in Mountain View, CA, and has Canadian headquarters in Toronto, ON.






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