Toilet made of bio-material wins Design Plus Award 2023

Woodio Block toilet seat is made of solid wood composite and works the same way as any other toilet .

Woodio Block, a bio-material toilet made of wood composite, has won the Design Plus Award 2023 powered by ISH.

The toilet is from Finland’s Woodio, which offers ecological alternatives to ceramic bathroom products, and features the world’s first 100-per cent waterproof solid wood composite toilet seat.

“Based on an innovative wood composite material that we developed in 2017, we make design items such as washbasins, toilets, bathtubs, and wall panels which have a 99 per cent reduced CO2 footprint when compared to ceramic products.” says Petro Lahtinen, founder and CEO of Woodio. “Our mission is to change the traditional material norms used in bathrooms and kitchens.”

According to the company, the composite material is impact resistant, has a dirt-resistant coating, and feels warm on the skin. The toilet seat is suitable with most flushing systems according to the EU standard EN 14055: 2010.






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