Randstad releases its 2023 salary guide

Randstad has released its 2023 salary guide designed to help businesses with compensation planning.

The guide includes salary information generated by the Economic Research Institute about wages, cost of living and compensation for more than 1,000 industry sectors in entry-, mid- and senior-level positions across Canada, including mechanical engineering and skilled trades jobs. Employers can use the tools in the guide to plan competitive salary and benefit packages to both attract and retain employees.

According to Randstad, 65 per cent of employees say the pandemic made them rethink the place work should have in their lives, with 47 per cent saying they now are more likely to prioritize family and personal life over work. That means companies looking to hire and retain employees must offer competitive wages, as well as non-monetary benefits such as flexibility and autonomy in daily work. Employees are also looking for companies that place an importance on their well-being, and that respect their values, needs and personality.

Click here to download a free copy of the guide.