ASHRAE calls for innovation award entries

ASHRAE and OzonAction of the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) are now accepting entries for the 2022 Lower GWP Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Innovation Award.

The award recognizes people who have developed or implemented innovative technology through refrigeration and air conditioning applications in developing countries to minimize global warming potential (GWP).

Selection criteria includes:

  • Description of innovation in field of lower-GWP refrigerants.
  • Confirmation project has been implemented in a developing country.
  • Extent of need.
  • Environmental impact achieved, including specific reference to the GWP chemicals’ contribution.
  • Description of further application in developing countries from both the technology and economic perspectives, including how the innovation is financially feasible to be replicated.

The individuals who worked on projects selected for 2022 awards will be announced at Montreal Protocol related events.

Click here for more information and to submit an entry. Entries are due by December 31, 2022.







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