Add videos to your marketing strategy

Whether you’re learning how to make the best paella, or how to install a dishwasher, the chances are good you’re watching a video online.

Doug MacMillan

Humans have always been visual creatures. Our earliest communication was with pictures, long before we learned language and writing emerged to be the predominant form of communication for 5,000 years. Over the past two decades as internet access, speed, and capacity grew rapidly, our reliance on visual communications such as photography, infographics, illustrations, schematics and videos has grown. In fact, I’ve heard that for the first time in modern human history, we use visual tools more than written methods to communicate. Canadians, according to some research, consume more video content per capita than in any other country.


The eyes have it

You probably don’t realize it, but when you watch videos of any kind, you’re actually triggering all types of chemical reactions in your brain and body. From when those animations first hit your retina to the animated call-to-action at the end, you’re experiencing the content in a way that text cannot compare. In fact, not only do visuals last longer in the brain, but they’re also processed a lot faster on the front end – 60,000 times faster than text. This is a big reason why it’s estimated that over 65 per cent of people consider themselves “visual learners.” These figures alone speak to why videos must be a cornerstone in your marketing strategy.


That phone in your pocket

While shooting video may be daunting at first, remember that you don’t need to be an experienced videographer to capture meaningful content. In 2022, the highest resolution smartphone camera has a 108MP sensor and 100x zoom, comparable to some of the high-end digital cameras on the market.

In other words, you’re a videographer if you have a phone in your pocket. It’s a powerful marketing weapon. Simply point and shoot. Getting that footage to your customers is perhaps the biggest leap. After these photos and videos are taken, they’re not doing you much good sitting in your camera roll. Video production companies are worth their hefty price tag for polished corporate videos, but a lot of content doesn’t need a pro. Instead of googling “video editors near me” or considering taking out a second mortgage to cover that video editing software’s hefty price tag, do your research.

Consider video editing apps made for iPhone, Canva, or other editing platforms for an inexpensive way to make your videos look visually appealing. What’s great is that these platforms have loads of blogs, and videos showing users how to get the most out of their content creation. They’re drag-and-drop level user friendly and the results are surprisingly good.


About the content

Now I hear you saying, “Great Doug, I’ve got a video camera and an editing studio in my back pocket, but what the heck are these videos going to be about?”

A better question with a shorter answer is, what aren’t they about? Here are some suggestions:

  • behind-the-scenes footage showcasing the dirty work behind the “after” photo
  • short clips to show how thorough your “white glove and red carpet” approach is when you’re in a customer’s home
  • quick pro tips such as how to clean a dryer vent or properly rinse a furnace filter (these are easy to shoot and drop on your social media channels)
  • do a “meet the team” video (or series) introducing the world to your talented lineup
  • bust some myths, answer some FAQs, celebrate a local charity, show off a new truck, introduce a new employee. The list goes on, and so does the content. Connect with your customers, clients, and potential viewers in a way that matters to them.

Don’t worry if you’re not exactly an actor. If you’re not comfortable speaking or narrating on camera, these apps have unlimited capabilities for captions, banners, and text functions to articulate your most important takeaways and calls-to-action. Keep it concise, keep it honest, and keep it on brand. The beauty of self-made videos is their ability to showcase authenticity and people want to see the real thing.