UPDATE: More funding available through Alberta’s Energy Savings for Business program

Alberta’s Energy Savings for Business Program has been extended, allowing more funding for companies installing energy-saving equipment.

The Government of Alberta is providing up to $55 million in funding for Emission Reduction Alberta’s (ERA) Energy Savings for Business Program. The program helps accelerate the uptake of commercially available energy efficiency technologies, leading to operational efficiencies and cost reductions for small and medium-sized industrial and commercial facilities.  Its objectives are to stimulate investment, create jobs and address longer-term environmental sustainability priorities.

Through this program, businesses such as manufacturing facilities, agricultural operations, office buildings and fabrication shops can cut costs and reduce emissions by adopting modern building systems and updating facility operations, enabling smarter energy use and less waste. The projects will also rely on local contractors and a skilled workforce, such as HVAC businesses, insulation companies, solar installers and electricians.

The program offers incentives of up to $250,000 per project, and up to $1 million per parent company for more than 60 eligible technologies, including heating and cooling. Click here for more information.

Emissions Reduction Alberta


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