Winners of 2022 Joseph K. Seidner Award announced

The Canadian Regulatory Council on Plumbing members include (L-R) Joe Rogers, chair; Kevin Ernst; Sidney Manning, vice chair; Pierre-Yves Despastis; and Stephen Friedt.
Ralph Suppa was one of the winners of the 2022 Joseph K. Seidner Award.

The Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating (CIPH) has announced two winners of the 2022 Joseph K. Seidner Award: Ralph Suppa, president and general manager of the CIPH, and the Canadian Regulatory Council on Plumbing (CRCP), including members Joe Rogers, Kevin Ernst, Sidney Manning, Pierre-Yves Despastis and Stephen Friedt.

The CRCP was awarded for their significant work to ensure the health and safety of Canadians during the COVID-19 pandemic, while Suppa was recognized for his many contributions to the CIPH since joining the organization in 1988, and since becoming president and general manager in 2002.

The annual award recognizes the contributions of individuals in the standards community, and is named in honour of Joseph K. Seidner, the first recipient and industry leader. The presentation took place at the annual Canadian Advisory Council on Plumbing meeting on August 16, 2022 in Halifax, NS.