Enbridge Gas launches first hydrogen-blending project in North America

Calgary, AB-based Enbridge Gas Inc. has announced that North America’s first hydrogen-blending project is now fully operational in Markham, ON.

Hydrogen blending involves injecting clean hydrogen into the delivered natural gas to reduce its carbon footprint, in this case up to two per cent by volume of the natural gas supplied. According to Enbridge, the innovative technology will supply green gas and lead to larger made-in-Ontario clean energy solutions.

The $5.2-million pilot project is in partnership with Cummins Inc., with support from Sustainable Development Technology Canada, the Canadian Gas Association and NGIF Capital Corporation. The project involves enhancements to the existing Markham Power-to-Gas facility built by Enbridge and Cummins in 2018 to allow it to store surplus electricity as pure hydrogen until needed. The project will eliminate up to 117 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually, without impacting the market cost of natural gas.

“Zero-carbon hydrogen is now playing a role in Ontario’s shift to lower‐carbon, sustainable energy solutions and is an important example of the investments Enbridge Gas is making across multiple markets to green the natural gas grid while continuing to meet the demand for safe, reliable and affordable energy,” says Cynthia Hansen, executive vice president, and president, Gas Distribution & Storage, for Enbridge.

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Enbridge Gas