XOi partners with Nexstar Network

XOi Technologies has announced a strategic partnership with Nexstar Network, an educational network for HVAC and plumbing contractors.

Through the partnership, both companies hope to help address the skilled-trades labour-shortage gap by offering Nexstar member technicians direct access to education, coaching, documents, and technical manuals through the XOi Vision app.

The Vision app uses AI, optical character recognition (OCR), data science, and virtual intelligence technologies that allow technicians to record jobsite information, launch remote support, and access equipment specifications, visual documents and other data.

“In today’s economic climate, contractors are looking for ways to assist their current labour market by bringing the skill and knowledge of their most experienced technicians to the jobsite through remote video support to reduce the need to roll a second truck,” says Aaron Salow, XOi founder and CEO. “By marrying Nexstar’s proven training and growth programs with XOi’s patented technology, we will empower technicians with the tools, data and resources needed to solve the industry’s greatest challenge − the skilled trades gap.”

XOi Technologies

Nexstar Network