Ontario to spend $35 million on recreational infrastructure upgrades

The Government of Ontario has announced it will undertake 35 community and recreational infrastructure projects across the province.

The planned upgrades come through $35 million in joint funding by the province (more than $15.9 million), the federal government (over $19.1 million) and recipients (over $13 million). They include renovations and redesigns of parks trails, sports fields, community buildings, pools, public washrooms and arenas.

So far, the projects that will involve HVAC/R upgrades include:

Sarnia-Lambton – Upgrades at the Sarnia-Lambton YMCA/Jerry McCaw Family Centre include replacing heat exchangers and heat pumps and building an automation system. Operating cost savings will be reallocated towards programming for the community, including First Nations members and newcomers. ($2.8 million)

Southwest Middlesex – Renovations to the Glencoe Memorial Arena and Glencoe Curling Club include replacing refrigerated concrete floors in both facilities, upgrading the electrical panel, condenser fan and soft starters, converting to glycol-cooled compressor heads, and upgrading the ammonia detection and ventilation system, and hot water system. ($2.7 million)

Erin – Erin Community Centre renovations will include health and safety upgrades to the electrical, HVAC and refrigeration systems. ($2.6 million)

West Elgin – Historic West Elgin Town Hall will receive improvements to its HVAC system. ($2.5 million)

St. Thomas-Elgin – Improvements to the Family YMCA of St. Thomas-Elgin include the replacement of the pool dehumidification unit. ($1 million)

Iroquois Falls – Iroquois Falls Recreation Complex renovations include upgrading pool boilers and the condenser cooling tower. ($778,148)

Armstrong – The Earlton Pool building facility will have its boiler upgraded to a gas heating unit paired with a rooftop solar array. ($473,000)

Nipigon – Renovations at the Nipigon swimming pool and the Nipigon Community Centre to improve energy efficiency include replacing HVAC systems, upgrading the swimming pool mechanical system, upgrading the community centre’s heating system, and installing a new kitchen ventilation system. ($467,500)

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