IWBI announces new WELL Performance Rating

The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) is introducing a designation, the WELL Performance Rating, that focuses on the experience of people inside buildings.

The designation will reward building owners and operators who use measurable and validated building and human performance metrics to determine the well-being of the people inside the building, and who then alter conditions according to that analysis.

The rating system will be based on the WELL Building Standard (WELL), and input from the IWBI Performance Advisory, 42 WELL Performance Testing Organizations, and other industry experts. Features will include thresholds for air and water quality, thermal comfort, acoustics, lighting and occupant experience.

“The industry has done a great job of capturing environmental building performance metrics on site − energy and water use, for example − but we need to be able to marry these eco-friendly indicators with health performance metrics to enable balanced choices about the health of planet and the health of people,” says Rachel Hodgdon, president and CEO of IWBI. “With this incredible and diverse array of partners, advisors and other contributors, we are confident that the new rating will unlock and accelerate the use of smarter, more integrated approaches to improve and enhance well-being and performance.”

There are several WELL ratings for buildings that can be achieved individually or through WELL Certification at bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels.

International WELL Building Institute