Sioux Chief purchases Sun Drainage and Sigma Corp Trench Drain

Kansas City, MO-based Sioux Chief has acquired Sun Drainage and Sigma Corp Trench Drain, making it the exclusive distributor of Hydrotec Technologies Trench Drains in North America.


Sioux Chief says the acquisition will strengthen its range of commercial plumbing product offerings. Sun Drainage provides commercial cast iron drains, cleanouts and fixture carriers, while Sigma Corp Trench Drain offers the Hydrotec brand of fibre-reinforced concrete commercial trench drains, and stainless steel and galvanized steel channels.


“Hydrotec currently has a small portfolio of business in the Canadian market. We are looking to expand on this towards the second half of the year,” says Howard Huss, director of Canadian sales for Sioux Chief. “Sun Drainage will be added to the Sioux Chief offering in the market here towards the end of 2021.”