Olimpia Splendid USA has introduced the Maestro Series

Brescia, Italy – Olimpia Splendid USA has introduced the Maestro Series, the only air conditioner/heat pump with no outdoor unit. It is a thru the wall (TTW) heat pump offering, which is new to the North American market and is truly a one of a kind product. The Maestro Series unit is designed primarily for residential single family and multi-family markets, but is ideal for applications in college dormitories, military barracks, assisted living facilities, churches, schools and other light commercial projects as well. The Maestro Series offers two models: (1) Maestro Smart, which is a 9,000 BTUH heat pump with single stage compressor and multi speed fan and (2) Maestro Pro, which is a 12,000 BTUH heat pump with inverter compressor and variable speed motor. Both models provide heating and cooling and have a 4 in 1 design, equipped with, (1) Dehumidification Mode, which reduces airflow to increase the amount of moisture removed from the space, (2) Fan Mode, which adjusts the speed fan to optimize air circulation, (3) Auto Mode, which adjusts setpoint based on ambient temperature and (4) Sleep Mode, which gradually increases the temperature setpoint ensuring whisper quiet operation, greater comfort and energy savings at night time. Furthermore, both Maestro models are designed with the “Pure System 2” filtration system, which is a multi-filtration system that combines two state of the art filtering technologies: (1) an Electrostatic Filter designed to eliminate small particles such as smoke, dust, pollen and pet dander to provide relief to people with allergies and (2) an Active Carbon Filter, which eliminates unpleasant odors keeping the indoor air quality fresh and clean.

Some of other value added features the Maestro Series offers is installation versatility, due to the fact that unit can be installed in the high wall or low wall configuration, which provides total air diffusion for consistent temperature throughout the space thanks to the rotating supply air flap. “The Maestro Series thru the wall unit, provides ultimate comfort where we live, work and play” states Diego Stefani, Director of Sales – North America. And that comfort is controlled via multi-function hand-held remote, which comes standard with the unit or Olimpia Splendid offers a wall mounted wireless thermostat as well. And, for the end user wanting to control the unit remotely, there is the Maestro app.

But one of the most unique attributes the Maestro unit has is the ease of installation, which only takes about 1 hour to install, and requires hanging the wall mounted unit bracket, making two 8” holes in the exterior wall to allow for fresh air intake and compressor air exhaust, inserted the wall sleeves provided with the unit and plugging the unit into your standard electrical outlet, just like any household appliance. And that is where the energy savings benefit comes into play,  the unit is 115V and only pulls 8 Amps, thus not requiring it to have a separate circuit and not requiring the need of an electrician, which also helps with the lower installation cost the Maestro unit has. In fact everything that is needed to install a Maestro unit is included with the unit, with exception to the tools to make the two 8” holes.

The Maestro design was born in 1999 in Brescia, Italy where Olimpia Splendid is headquartered and where their manufacturing plant is located. In fact, there are over 500,000 units installed throughout Europe, and although the product may be new to the North American market, it is a proven technology and it clear that there is tremendous potential for this product simply due to the fact that there is no other unit like in in the industry. When compared to a PTAC/PTHP or mini split systems, where are large rectangular opening is required vs two small 8” holes or a unit is needing to be installed on a platform hanging on the wall, thus ruining the integrity of the building façade not to mention the need to run line sets, which the Maestro unit does not require because it is a completely sealed system using R410A as its refrigerant.  In fact the Maestro was originally applied in Italy, where air conditioning is a luxury, not a standard as it is here in the US and due the fact that the majority of the building are hundreds and even some thousands of years old, and the option of PTAC/PTHP or mini splits was out of the question, hence the opportunity for the Maestro Series was created. So as the Olimpia Splendid advertising campaign states “Beautiful Outside, Cool Inside” is absolutely true!

Apart from its easy installation, the unit is whisper quiet, with sound levels as low as 32 dB and best in class sound transmission ratings (STC 36 & OITC 25), which means minimal sound is transmitted from the outdoors thru the wall to the indoors, which is ideal especially for installation in metropolitan areas.

“When we decided to enter into the North American market, the unique selling proposition we were able to offer to our distributor and dealer partners, was that this was a product that no other manufacturer was offering, because it is not a PTAC or window unit or room air conditioner, it is in a class all by itself” stated Stefani. “And that is also why we decided to back our product with an industry best warranty of 7 year on the compressor, 2 years on parts and a 1 year unit replacement warranty should the compressor fail in the first 12 months.” Furthermore, Olimpia Splendid offers their “3 & 3” Comfort Plan, which is a factory back extended warranty extending the compressor warranty to 10 years and parts warranty to 5 years.


To learn more about the Maestro Series product visit: www.olimpiasplendidusa.com