Enbridge rolling out harmonized Construction Heat program

To streamline differences in the Construction Heat programs, Enbridge has developed a new harmonized Construction Heat program that will be rolled out by October 2021. This will allow Enbridge Gas to ensure proper stakeholder engagement is achieved, including the opportunity to educate builders and TSSA-registered heating contractors on the new procedures.

In the interim, Enbridge has shared information with the HVAC industry on its approach to furnace activations and the use of furnaces for construction heat in new homes for the heating season, as well as forms and tags, and appliance setup and commissioning.

Highlights include:

  • Enbridge Gas is responsible for unlocking a natural gas service that is off and locked. No other party can activate a newly-installed gas service that is locked.
  • For the former Union Gas service area, Enbridge Gas will continue to provide builders and heating contractors with forms/tags by request to [email protected].

Enbridge has also stated that as of October 1, 2020, the former “Finishing Heat Protocol” is no longer supported by Enbridge Gas or required by TSSA.

Furnace manufacturers have incorporated “Construction Heat Use” sections into their certified installation instructions. A transition period will be acknowledged for builders who have applied to use Finishing Heat prior to that date.

The full communication from Enbridge and be found here.