A look at the webinar speakers for CIPHEX Virtual

CIPHEX Virtual taking place November 2 to 27, has issued a list of the webinar speakers representing a broad range of industries, so there are plenty of options to choose from:

Gary Barrington, Masco Canada

Brandon Bruce and Ross Koirala, Reliance Worldwide Crop

Dave Dunbar, General Pipe Cleaners

Jared Eves, HeatLink

Tyler Gamble, Canature WaterGroup

Mike Hardy, SpeedClean

Michael Kelly, Zoeller Pump Company

Ross Koirala, Reliance Worldwide Corporation

Guillaume Laguerre and Kevin Yong-Ping, IPEX Inc.

Jeremy Martin, Saniflo

Barry McIlvogue, Gripple Canada Inc.

Mathew Pottins, Aqua-Tech

Tim Prevost, Hi-Velocity

Will Vanderburgh, Dobbin Sales