University of Calgary research project turns wastewater into beer

UCalgary’s Advancing Canadian Water Assets (ACWA) has partnered with Village Brewery and pump manufacturer Xylem to produce Alberta’s first beer made with reused water. The project was developed to demonstrate how treated wastewater can help address water scarcity.

Jeremy McLaughlin, head brewer for Village Brewery said, “There’s a mental hurdle to get over of how inherently gross this could be. But we know that this water is safe, we know that this beer is safe, and we stand by our process.”

The process uses new technologies to treat existing wastewater more thoroughly. Wastewater treatment plants disinfect water to remove pathogens, including viruses. SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, is an enveloped virus that research shows is particularly susceptible to disinfection.

Researchers point out that reclaimed water for potable water has been applied successfully in Singapore and on the space station.

A virtual launch event showcasing how the beer came to be and its role in moving towards increased water reuse in Alberta is scheduled for August 22. To register click here.


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