FCA and Waymo bringing autonomous driving to light commercial vehicles

As part of their exclusive strategic partnership to develop autonomous driving solutions, Waymo and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) are expanding their efforts to encompass FCA’s L4-ready autonomous light commercial vehicles for goods movement. Initial plans include integrating the Waymo Driver autonomous driving platform into the Ram Pro-Master van, a vehicle platform used throughout the construction trades, to enable access to a broad range of global commercial customers.

A Waymo blog notes that the expansion of its partnership with FCA is aimed at scaling and deploying “the World’s Most Experienced Driver [5th generation platform]” across a number of industry segments, including local delivery and trucking sectors.

Mike Manley, CEO of FCA says, “With this next step, deepening our relationship with the very best technology partner in this space, we’re turning to the needs of our commercial customers by jointly enabling self-driving for light commercial vehicles, starting with the Ram ProMaster.”