Law firm tackles COVID-19 and the workplace: employer obligations

Torys LLP has posted an article offering practical advice to employers on legal obligations related to COVID-19.

Topics include:

  • What you need to know related to evolving obligations as circumstances change; reporting to work; self-isolation; employee travel; school closures; and employee privacy. 
  • What are the obligations on employers to maintain a healthy workplace?
  • Can employees refuse to work because of fear of contracting COVID-19?
  • Can employers require employees to work from home?
  • Do employers need to pay employees who contract COVID-19 or are medically required to self-quarantine?
  • Can employers require their workforce to work remotely?
  • Can employers require employees to change their vacation plans?
  • Do employers have the right to terminate or lay off their workforce?
  • What obligations do employers have to employees in the event of school closures?
  • What are an employer’s obligations with respect to the privacy of their employees’ personal information?

To read the full article, click here.