TSSA speakers spark debate among HRAI members

The TSSA’s regional supervisor for fuel safety, Sat Virdi, addresses HRAI members.
Rules and regulations were the hot topic of the evening as members of the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) made a presentation to HRAI members at the latest gathering of the GTA Chapter in Vaughan, Ont., on November 26.

TSSA ombudsman Sandra Cooke talked about her role, what the organization does and what changes it is planning to streamline its inspection processes, something that grabbed the attention of the gas contractors in the room.

“Right now you have an inspector in the field doing an audit of you and, depending on which inspector you get, you can get a very different inspection report,” Cooke said. “What we hope by doing this is that you don’t have so much inconsistency.”

Cooke and her colleague Sat Virdi, regional supervisor or fuel safety, also got plenty of feedback on the TSSA’s proposed new fee structure.

While HRAI members were in favour of seeing the introduction of a simplified fee structure, there were important concerns raised about the perceived fairness of the TSSA’s current proposals – especially around the use of sub-contractors in the industry and the danger of the organization “double dipping.”

Cooke recognized those issues as valid and promised to take the comments back to better inform the TSSA’s decision-making.

Lastly, information was provided to members on the TSSA’s compliance support program, a free and voluntary service recently put in place to help licensees reach and maintain compliance with regulations.

The next HRAI GTA Chapter meeting will be held on January 28, 2020.