HRAI members given efficiency boost

HRAI GTA Chapter members were treated to a lively presentation from Corey Diamond, executive director of Efficiency Canada, at the latest dinner in Vaughan, Ont, at the end of October.

Diamond, pictured right, discussed ways in which the heating and cooling industry can best position itself as a leader in the ever-increasing drive toward a greener and more energy efficient economy and what steps can be taken to further develop the sector.

He said, “There are 436,000 people today working in energy efficiency, that’s one in 50 Canadians and 51,000 businesses. Their revenues combined reach $82 billion – a huge injection into Canada’s economy – and the sector is growing at three times the rate of the rest of the economy. So you guys are all part of this fast-growing movement.

“Our job is to make sure that energy efficiency reaches its full potential in Canada. To create a sector and energy efficient economy where energy efficient jobs energy, efficient economic development happens all across the country and in every community.”

Diamond outlined how workers and advocates within the sector, including HRAI itself, can come together and tell their stories – what Efficiency Canada has dubbed “our human energy” – to help policymakers understand that there are real people behind their policies and that those policies can’t change with every new government or every budget if they are to be implemented successfully.