Ontario’s homeowners not prepared for winter

A new poll has found that many homeowners in Ontario are not taking proactive steps to ensure their furnace is running properly before the cold weather hits.

A survey of more than 1,000 Ontario homeowners conducted in September by Ipsos on behalf of Enercare, found that one in four (25%) of Ontario’s homeowners admit to never having their furnace serviced. While only 37% actually do this, Enercare recommends that every homeowner have a furnace maintenance before temperatures drop.

With Ontario being known for its long, cold winters, it’s especially important that homeowners have their furnaces regularly maintained, to avoid breakdowns during cold snaps.

“Similar to getting your car tuned up and oil changed, your furnace requires the same level of maintenance to get ahead of minor issues before they become costly breakdowns. By testing your furnace before the cold weather hits, you are able to address any concerns ahead of time and ensure your family is comfortable all season long,” says Dave Gosling, vice-president of field operations for Enercare.