Poll finds few Ontarians have serviced their AC

A new poll conducted on behalf of Enercare has found that Ontarians rely on air conditioning more than anything else to stay cool during the summer months.

In recent years, Ontarians have experienced and suffered through uncomfortably hot summer temperatures, reaching over 40 degrees Celsius in certain areas. Even though homeowners know the summer heat is coming, many fail to test or ensure their air conditioning is working properly prior to the start of summer.

A survey of more than 1,000 Ontario homeowners conducted in April by Ipsos found that only 60% of Ontario homeowners test their air conditioner on an annual basis and only 30% have had their air conditioner serviced within the past year.

In contrast, it is clear air conditioning is something the vast majority of Ontarians value as almost three-quarters (74%) of survey respondents stated they would not buy or rent a home that does not have air conditioning.

“Testing your home’s air conditioner prior to the first heat wave of the season is a simple and easy way for homeowners to ensure their home and family members will be comfortable when the hot and humid weather arrives this summer,” says Dave Gosling, vice-president of Field Operations for Enercare.

Homeowners should ensure the outdoor temperature is consistently above 13 degrees Celsius prior to turning on their air conditioning for the season. Before adjusting the thermostat, ensure the electrical breaker is on and remove the cover along with any debris around the condenser. It is also a great time to check and replace any dirty air filters; this will ensure maximum airflow.

If you notice any irregularities once your air conditioner is running, turn off the unit and contact a licensed professional.