Desco head office open for business

Joe Senese, left, and François Deschênes, right, of the Deschênes Group join Jon Leeson for an unusual take on a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the opening of Desco’s new head office.

“The support we get from our customers allows us to provide for our 225 employees and their families and it’s important that everybody knows we never, ever take that support for granted,” Desco vice-president and general manager Jon Leeson told guests at the opening of the company’s new head office complex.

The facility, located at 7550 Tranmere Drive, includes offices, a large warehouse and The Water Closet showroom.

President and CEO of parent company Deschênes Group, François Deschênes, was also on hand to greet customers and take part in the evening’s fun and games.

Guests were able to clear their heads at the oxygen bar before indulging in great food and drink. A free raffle also saw one lucky winner take home a pair of tickets to see the Raptors in the Eastern Conference finals and another pocket $2,500 in travel vouchers.

Desco currently has 17 outlets covering the whole of Ontario.