B.C. rebates make heat pumps an attractive option

Residents of B.C. planning energy-saving improvements to their homes can now save thousands of extra dollars by applying for increased CleanBC efficiency rebates.

Rebate limits have been raised as part of a significant expansion of incentives under CleanBC’s Better Buildings program, which makes it easier and more affordable for British Columbians to choose energy-saving products and save money on home and business renovations.

Provincial incentives to help people switch to high-efficiency electric heat pumps for space heating have increased by $1,000, bringing the total rebate to $3,000, with additional incentives available in some municipalities.

Similar incentives to upgrade doors and windows also increased by $1,000, bringing the total rebate for those upgrades to $2,000.

The Province’s CleanBC plan provides up to $14,100 for a home and up to $220,000 for a commercial business to switch to high-efficiency heating equipment and to make building envelope improvements, while saving energy and reducing greenhouse gases.

“We’re boosting heat pumps and other smart technologies because energy-efficient buildings are a key part of our cleaner future,” said Michelle Mungall, provincial Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources.

“This program will help us get to our CleanBC goal of reducing climate pollution, making B.C. cleaner and creating good jobs that support families and sustain our communities.”

The province launched CleanBC in December 2018, committing to raise standards for new construction and encourage energy-saving improvements in existing homes and workplaces.