HRAI members focus on Net Zero challenge

Andrew Oding of Building Knowledge Canada (left) and HVAC Design’s Adam Sylvestre.
March 12, 2019

HRAI GTA Chapter members were given a glimpse of the future at their latest get-together that saw guest speakers examine the topic of ”Getting to Net Zero and What it Means for Retrofit and Service Contractors.”

Andy Oding of Building Knowledge Canada and Adam Sylvestre of HVAC Design Ltd., provided expert insight on how the industry is evolving to meet increasingly energy efficiency requirements.

”Our world is changing so quickly you’re going to have whiplash in five years,” Oding predicted.

Oding and Sylvestre also spoke about the type of equipment that can be used to lower a home’s energy footprint, such as dual fuel systems, micro-CHP technology, multi-stage furnaces and the increased use of zoning.

The effect that new building practices are having on the industry, such as an increase in multi-storey townhomes being built and the desire for more and larger windows, were also examined in terms of the effect on heating and cooling loads and on which systems are installed and how they operate.

The next HRAI GTA Chapter meeting will see Rohit Sardana of Toronto Hydro and Joe Meriano of Enbridge Gas Distribution discuss how companies can increase sales by leveraging the rebates and incentive programs offered by local and provincial utilities.

The event will take place on March 26 at Fontana Primavera, 77 Woodstream Blvd., Vaughan, Ont., from 5.30pm. for more details and to register, click on the link below.