Pair scoop Bad & Ugly Cross Connection prizes

Daniel Larson presents Justin Bage with his prize.
December 21, 2018

The Western Canada Section of the American Water Works Association (WCSAWWA) again came up with some ugly winners of its National 2018 Bad and Ugly Cross Connection Control contest.
The purpose of the contest is to raise awareness of the dangers of cross connections and to educate water industry representatives in the field.
The judging panel came up with two winners of this year’s competition.
Back flow tester Justin Bage spotted his bad connection in the field, while Tayte Sutherland discovered his during a cross connection control inspection.
Bage found two back flow devices, a RP and a DCVA, about 14’ off the ground. Neither device had been tested and the RP did not have a drain.
Taytes was inspecting an industrial facility that did not have full premises isolation after one of the DCVAs had been made ineffectual after two distribution tees had been connected the device’s test cocks. The situation was remedied on Taytes’ next visit to the site.

Dylan Gerlack presents Tayte Sutherland with his award.
“Our water industry representatives, inspectors, plumbers and testers all share a responsibility to protect our water supplies. Cross connections do exist and are a potential to contaminate or pollute our potable water.
“Let’s do our best to find and correct these cross connections before the damage is done. We are looking forward to another year of ‘bad and ugly’ photo submissions in 2019.”
Manufacturers Zurn, Watts and Conbraco provided the contest prizes.